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Success can be [broadly] defined as, but is not limited to, a level of social rank and an individual’s achievement of objectives and goals in life (Banson 149). Success is also taken to refer to the opposite of failure. Success can thus be broadly classified into the following types:

Financial Success

Financial success differs significantly from one individual to another.

In spite of the differences, all successful financial undertakings are pursued with a definite set of goals or objectives. It seems that all goals or objectives, setting in accordance with different individuals’ desires, have a common base: the need to make money. For example, a tycoon, such as a petroleum dealer, is already super-rich; yet he wants to make more millions. On the other hand, an unemployed individual, living from hand to mouth, has to achieve his goals to find enough money to sustain his own shelter and food as well as his family’s. Both strive for their own goals and objectives. For the former, the striving is less painful (may be even enjoyable) as compared to the unemployed individual who knows that life is a sure gloom if he can’t succeed in getting money to buy food to eat and money to pay for rent. The latter’s financial success is merely related to day-to-day attaining of his objective.



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Furthermore, for the tycoon, the consequence of not succeeding in achieving his goal or objective might merely means a temporary displeasure, whereas for the unemployed individual, if he is married, could mean unfortunate dissolution of his family.-  Attaining financial success for survival or more affluence, as in the case of an unemployed individual as mentioned, has become truly an obsession in American society and has been the cause of class system that is lower class, middle class, and upper class in the nation (Perrucci and Earl 51). Though the lower class is very much against this classification, and though most people regard America as a middle-class society, like what Mantsios said: “People in the United States don’t like to talk about class. Or so it would seem. We don’t speak about class privileges, or class oppression, or the class nature of society” (Mantsios 308), the seeking for financial success for survival, still prevails until today. And Gregory Mantsiso further adds that “People in the United States don’t like to talk about class. Or so it would seem. These terms are not part of our everyday vocabulary, and in most circles they are associated with the language of the rhetorical fringe” (Mantsios 308).  

There are some individuals, however, who may consider themselves as financially successful for winning a lottery, or retiring from employment with plenty of money for vacation anywhere in the world. Sadly, the success of some individuals may, nevertheless, mean hurting other individuals. However, for this class of individuals who set no goals or objectives at all, and simply while away time expecting good fortune to land on them, the genuine crown of success does not at all fit onto their heads.

Social Success

Another type of success that individual strive for is social success. The goal and objective that individual pursues in this type of success is his/her acceptability by peers and the society at large. The difference between this type of success and financial success is that some people who do not care about social activities may opt out of this kind of success, terming it as unimportant. On the other hand, some people are very socially active and they actually thrive on the social facets of life considering them to be critical to their way of life (Marden 221). This kind of success – social success – is more prominent in wealthier societies than the financially struggling societies. The reason for this is because the wealthier people have money and they do not need to be concerned about other necessities, thus they can afford to focus their attention elsewhere. The wealthier socializes also find social success significantly crucial since in many ways it boosts their big business. As evidence in the American society, many huge business deals are often closed during cocktail parties, lunches, in classy bars, and not in the office environment.

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Spiritual Success

In American society, there are many individuals seeking spiritual success. Unlike other kinds of success, spiritual success for every individual could mean a different thing. The act of being spiritually successful for many, who may or may not have intangible goals set in their pursuit of spiritual wealth, gives one the gift of being at peace with oneself, through the use of one’s religion or use of simple mind-relaxation techniques. Although spiritual success given by religion can be very complicated with some having to attend church every Saturday or Sunday or with some merely making a simple prayer before bedtime (Marden 221), the end may justify the means. A peaceful, harmonious, and happy spiritual life, independent of mundane affairs and worldly manifestations, could be the greatest success for the modern seekers of truth.

Other Success

They are also many individuals or organizations often see success as the act of winning some kind of competition, such as sporting activity or a contention – the winning itself becomes their goal or objective in such pursuits.  For an employee, however, who attaches to an organization, the attaining best positions and climbing to the top of the ranking ladder in his/her field of employment, is considered a success as all his/her time and efforts are focused on materializing his/her goal one after another on his/her way up the ladder of rank and file.

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As can be seen above, there are many kinds of success. But genuine success does demand one to work very hard and focus on goals or objectives. No one can achieve success without goal, and no one who is lazy can ever climb the ladder of success.

In the final analysis, success is a measure of how well we apply our knowledge in a specific endeavor with utmost self-discipline, perseverance, and sustain focus and attention until the yielded result corresponds to our goal or objective, within a stipulated time frame.


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