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The cookies are usually baked using continuous band ovens through a process referred to as a batch processing. Once distributors place their orders, the process of cookies baking commences. These orders are the production schedule prerequisite. On the onset of the shift, a list of the day’s cookies to be baked is handed to the mixing in-charge; who refers to the master list indicating the needed ingredients for each cookie type and subsequently inputs this information to the computer (Gambone, 2011). The computer is the one that determines each ingredient’s amount needed as per the ordered cookies’ quantity. It also relays this information to the storage silos where the main ingredients are stored. These ingredients are then send to the master mixing machines so as to be combined with the proper eggs, water and flavorings amounts. Butter is later poured into the cutting machine after the mixing. Cookies are then placed on conveyer belts and transported to the ovens. For filled cookies, like date, apple and raspberry, filling and folding has to be done. The non-filled ones are diagonally cut rather than being round-cut. On coming out from the oven, the cookies are cooled on spiral cooling racks and later manually packed in boxes (with the broken ones being taken out); which are automatically wrapped, sealed and labeled (Meyers, 2003).

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In increasing its productivity, the company has been producing more of the diagonally-cut cookies than of the straight-cut cookies since the former require a lesser space. Additionally, the company has also increased the length of each of its two ovens by twenty-five feet each. Increasing the length of the ovens has ensured that the number of cookies transported into these ovens per shift are more thus increasing the company’s productivity (Gambone, 2011).

In my view, the company made the right decision by making the packing of the cookies in the boxes to be done manually. Through this, the employees will ensure than none of the broken cookies get to be packed and as thus, not reject cookies will be sent to the distributors. In such as situation therefore, the company is obliged to ensure that its employees are armed with the necessary sanitation facilities to avoid contaminating the cookies (Love, 1972). Additionally, they ought to come up with systems which are proportionate to their individual works. The company can, besides including incentive and hardship allowances, implement working in shifts among the employees. To the community, the company has to ensure that the cookies do not become a health hazard through contamination in the packing stage (Gambone, 2011). Besides, it is obliged with hiring the locals for labor provision so as to improve their standards of living. To some extent, the size of the town can be a factor to consider since it will determine the quantity of cookies to be produced. In the event that it is located in a large, there are likelihoods that the orders will be more thus the company will earn more. A larger company would only be suggested in the event that the customer-base is considerably large and that the company intends to diversify its production to other related products (Meyer, 2003).

Factors leading to minimal inventory amounts include such as cookies’ shelf life, individual cookie boxes, shipping boxes, labels, and wrapping cellophane. Through this policy, the company cuts on holding/warehouse costs and avoids getting stuck with labels which cannot be used especially factoring in that the FDA labels are subject to frequent changes.

In determining the quality of cookies as a consumer, I would consider whether or not their taste and consistency are satisfactory as well as the degree of their baking (love, 1972). The fact that these cookies do not contain preservatives appeals to the market segment which is health-conscious. The company’s strategy is the production of soft cookies- with no addictives or preservatives (Gambone, 2011). For the aged populace, they buy large amounts of the same since they are soft to them. However, these cookies may not be much sweet. Another limitation is that they cannot be stored for a lengthy period of time.


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