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The world we live in today is quite complex in nature, at times making smart people take awful decisions. For this reason, people need to fully understand the day to day changes so that they may be able to make informed decisions. Smart people have been known to make plenty of poor decisions which are rather consequential especially when made on professional platforms. Basically, smart people make mistakes in taking decisions because of the perceptions they have in their minds that give them much confidence and superiority. Moreover, their brains are not well adjusted to cope with the ever changing world and this keeps them at the edge of making outdated decisions (Mauboussin, 2010).

Smart people are usually affected by both inside and outside views of circumstances which derail the way they make their decisions. The inside view gives them lots of optimism to an extent that they do not even have a second thought of their decisions. Overconfidence makes smart people believe in anything they think is the best. While the world is getting complex day after day, people need to take their time and consult others when making decisions despite their extent of know how. The outside view makes smart people overlook other people’s ideas and they therefore never believe in anything they see or hear. They think that they are the best suited to make viable decisions that should be listened to (Mauboussin, 2010).

In addition, smart people have the tendency to mistakably link current issues with past occurrences. It has been argued that stress makes it impossible for these individuals to make practical long-term decisions, since it affects the functioning of the brain (Mauboussin, 2010). Therefore, smart people need to learn how to incorporate the dynamism of the world in their decision making and understand what they are incapable of so as to avoid mistakes.


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