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Comparison and contrast of women, who came to the front, in the library of congress exhibition on Women in World War II

Janet Flanner, Therese Bonney, and Toni Frissell

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Janet Flanner, Therese Bonney, and Toni Frissell were three of the eight women, who participated in the Second World War, and whose experience was exhibited in the Library of Congress Exhibition on women in World War II. The three women performed journalistic and photographic duties for reflecting their ideas and realities of the war to the public. Frissell volunteered her photographic services to the American Red Cross, the Eighth Army force, and the Women Army force during the World War II. Bonney used photographic images, to display how life had been unfairly taken from the young children in the United States. Similarly, Janet, being a long-term columnist for American magazine, The New Yorker, summed up stories of the Second World War in her acrid commentary on culture and politics of Europe. As one of the American writers, Janet left America for Paris where she became one of the lethal women experts, who stayed in the city and explored more about the Second World War. Moreover, the above three women participants had to exist within a society of males in both photography and journalism.

Janet Flanner, Therese Bonney, and Toni Frissell experienced the Second World War in different measures and perspectives. They lived in distant places where the war was executed in a different manner. These conditions made the three participate in different sets of publications. Janet came to fame because of her “Letter from Paris”; Bonney published the photo-essay books, “War comes to the people”; similarly, Toni left fashion photography and pursued war reportage where she transformed women’s soft news into hard ones. The three photographers had differing methodologies, time frames, and techniques of display of the Second World War.

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