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Free «Eradicating Illiteracy in the Primary, or Junior, or High School» Essay Sample


Illiteracy is biggest evil to the society. The primary education is preliminary initiative to encourage the society to be literate. No nation can achieve its goals and perform well without very clear education policy. Most societies and nations are evident of having poor education system which prevails illiteracy and it ultimately stop the way of progress. Therefore, education for all should be the governmental policy and it should be implemented in its true meanings. The Bahamas is also one part of the world where education is free on a certain level, but, it hasn’t achieved the level of success.

The efforts of education:

The efforts were started since 1960s when government of Bahamas took the concrete steps to improve the education system in the country. The government had increased educational budget more than hundred percent. Because of the steps taken for the betterment of education system and increasing the literacy rate in the country enrollments in school and literacy rate had been improved potentially.



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The mismanagement:

However, potentials cannot be remain perpetual without a strong system in place. The Bahamas has achieved the milestone, but, at the same time it has not invested to build a strong system in the education sector. The worst results have been bear due to the slight mismanagement. The shortage of teachers, equipment and other facilities has deteriorated the best initiative taken by the government. Spending the heavy budget and gaining the less returns is clearly showing the mismanagement in education system. Now it should be eradicated by the government to enhance the literacy rate.

Social responsibility:

Responsibility is source of success. Social responsibility is must to achieve success in any social reforms. The allocation of 24 percent of national budget to the education system intended to take care of children and give them education free of cost. This has made people irresponsible and busies them in making more children and sends them to the government grants to keep care of. This trend should be discouraged and people should think about their future and coming generations and fulfill their social responsibility in a good manner.

On the other hand, it is very visible fact which is not considered by the common people of Bahamas. And it is the taxes imposed by the government to recover the budget. That aspect should also be considered by the people and realize their responsibilities in a right manner. Otherwise, it would be the great loss to the nation which would ultimately affect the generations.


The common sense is a sense which is not very common. It is very simple that if we are spending the amount to achieve some target. But, we do not take care of the process which is a path to get success. So we are failure and the education system applied in the Bahamas is also portraying the same picture. However, the derailed can be corrected with sincere efforts in addressing all aspects and gripping it to make it best. This is the only way to manger the mismanaged systems.


The evil of illiteracy can be confront and defeat with the power of responsibility. And Bahamas’s educational system needs responsibility. It is social responsibility, professional responsibility and departmental responsibility. If someone take and fulfill the responsibility the success is obvious.

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