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Their culture revolves around acquiring property and expanding private ownership of natural assets within their community, as well as their close neighbors. This is unlike the trend in most communities who encouraged communal land ownership. The Kapauku community does not encourage any form of presentation that can be classified as a gift. Any movement of property or assets, whether permanent or borrowed, is commercialized for a gain or profit. The same settlement is extended to other social aspects that are intangible including crimes and other wrongs.

What is the role of women in the traditional system of the Trobriand Islanders?

Women are perceived as the guardians of the family unit ad they pass power from one generation to the next. Both boys and girls are considered equally important in the community and therefore no preference of interest. Women are responsible for practically clothing the community and especially making their own skirts. They oversee traditional medicinal activities and practices with preference to magical inflictions to men by other women. Women are the custodians of beauty magic and organizing first pregnancy celebrations.

What is the marriage system of the Tiwi

When girls are born, they are engaged to men aged sixty years and above. These girls are allowed to start living with the men only when they approach fourteen years. In case a man dies, the woman is remarried to another man who takes full responsibility of a father to the deceased family. Polygamy is accepted in the society.


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