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Buses travel with set schedules, which they are supposed to adhere to. There is set time at which bus should depart from one point and expected time which it should arrive to the destination. The arrival time is determined by the distance between point A and point B when all other factors are held constant. Though in rare case, there are cases whereby bus fleet fails. When failure occurs, it affects passengers who were intending to travel from one point to another. There are several factors which can lead to bus fleet failure, which may include but not limited to; Charging system, Heat and cooling system, electrical component, fuel system etc

Charging system failure happens when the in the bus fails. This failure of the batter is often common during the cold season. Having this in mind the bus mechanic should adjust their preventive maintenance plans to ensure that during such time batteries are checked frequently to avoid such failure which can be avoided. Charging system is also associated with problems like alternator failure, starter failure and corroded connections.

It is important to monitor heating and cooling system to prevent bus failures. The heating and cooling system responds differently to different weather condition. System failure can be detected with signs like leaky radiators, failed water pump, and even loose hoses. There are so many electrical components which can result to bus failure. Compressed air system is also subjected to failure due to temperature extremes. Buses should be checked regularly to avoid failure of such electrical component. Fuel system is also reported as common cause of bus failure. This system can be affected by contaminated fuel among other things and thus it should be monitored thoroughly.


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