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Free «Whenever You do Work, You give it Energy» Essay Sample

The term work can be defined in many ways. Work is a physical or psychological intention that has been directed to achieve a set goal. It is something that a person is got undertaking at a particular time in a particular place. In rather a physical way, work can be defined to be a process where energy is transferred from one body to another by the application of what we call force that moves that body in its direction. Work is therefore an expression involving the application of energy or effort, the movement of a body and the covering of distance from one particular point to another. These quantities of work are the main parameters that ascertain that work has been done. In physics the term is expressed in units called joules or in foot-pounds. Further definitions can be obtained from the fact that the term work has its applications ranging from the physical subjects to those of sociology, languages, business and even law. More on the definition of work, it is simply the transfer of energy from one body to another in order to make it change position over some distance from one point to another. Work therefore can simply be defined as the transfer of energy from one body known as the driver, to another body, the driven, and the applied energy itself being greater than the energy possessed by the body at rest. In this case the body will be set in motion, and thus work is said to be done.



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Work is a term that covers a wide variety of fields and disciplines of study. What work entails vary according to the subject at hand. In the field of business, work entails carrying out transactions which can be in the form of statements and not like in physics which involves physical objects known as bodies. In communication, work is said to be done when a piece of information is transferred from the sender to the recipient with the message being appropriately conveyed. In this case energy is applied in the channels through which the message is being configured.

It is quite clear that work can be done on anything but as long as it is in a position to change its position, otherwise no work is said to be done. For a car to move, work has to be done on it, likewise to anything that is useful in motion. Anything that has mass and occupies space needs to be set in motion for it to be of importance. Mechanical objects as hydraulic machines operate simply by the movement of its parts, and in this way, the machine is able to generate energy that can be used to perform other tasks.

The term energy refers to the ability of any physical body to do some work. This term also refers to the power to perform some work, for example the ability to move a given body with a certain mass from one position to another mainly by the application of force. Energy like work can also be defined in many perspectives as energy exists in various forms. It can be defined in the fields of physics, health and also chemistry, for instance in the field of health, it’s defined as the state of being strong and vigorous. Energy thrives from the body that causes motion in another body and this energy can be intrinsic or introduced in a body. Moreover, energy can be taken to mean the activity, exertion, might or forcefulness that can cause something to happen. Similarly, it is taken to mean the determination or vigor that causes people to act in a certain way. When energy is applied to a stationary body, the body is likely to change position as the applied energy exceeds its state of rest, hence work is said to have taken place.

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Energy is conservable, and according to the law of conservation of energy, energy can only be transformed from one state to another and cannot be created or destroyed. Energy therefore can exist in various forms; nuclear energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy among others. The energy that a body can have is measured by the amount of work done on another body; its system international unit is joules similar to the unit for the measurement of work done. This therefore relates work and energy. Energy can also exist in a number of forms as heat energy, kinetic energy; energy in motion, mechanical energy, electrical energy and potential energy; energy of a body at rest. The measure of the physical system of a body constitutes energy of that body. For any body that has mass and occupies space, it possesses energy either at rest or when in motion. It is therefore quite clear that for work to be done there should be the utilization of energy.

Energy can be characterized in many perspectives and illustrations. Energy in itself is a characteristic of a body that enable things to happen or that has the ability to cause things to take place. The happening in this case is the covering of some distance or the change of the original condition. For instance the chemical reactions involved in the change of a substance from a solid state to a liquid state, the thermodynamic changes involved in the change of temperature of a body or a place.

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Without energy, there is nothing that can actually happen in life, and in this case no work will be done. Energy therefore is the essence of everything that takes place on the phase of the earth. The physical change of position of a person from one point to another involves the intervention of energy, and thus work said to be done. We feel cold because heat in the body has been transferred outside the body. In the same way in the generation of electricity, water is heated to produce steam that will enable the turbines to move and cause the generation of energy in the form of electricity which can then be used in doing work.

Energy entails a number of states that are governed by the laws of physics. The law of conservation of energy states that the sum of the energy in a body is said to be conserved with time and hence remains in that state. In this scenario, the energy cannot be made nor can it be destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another, for example energy can exist in a kinetic or potential state among other states. These various states of energy can be used to accomplish various types of works and yield the same result. According to the principle of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, energy and mass exists as one and that none can exist without the presence of the other. Therefore anything that has mass has the capability to do work since it possesses energy. Moreover, in the field of relativistic physics, there are non-matter forms of energy as light energy. These forms of energy retain their masses in their conversion to other energy states. The ideology behind this principleis that energy and mass are more or less the same and that one can be converted into the other and vice versa. Machines with mass can produce energy into the surrounding and this energy can be used to do some work.

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There is a very close relationship between work and energy as depicted in the field of physics. As in the definition of work, we said that work is done on a body when some energy is transferred from another object to this body. This relates to the fact that work only takes place when energy is involved. In this context, two objects are involved with the first one causing the second to move by inserting energy into it. Taking an example of a soccer ball, by the fact that a player kicks a stationery ball and sets it rolling, we say that the player has done work on the ball. Even before the player kicks the ball, he does work on his leg by setting it in motion. This idea enables us to say that work is done when a body is set in motion. The aspect that sets the body in motion is the application of the force. Hence work is a product of force and the covered distance. The resultant feature of the product of force and the displacement is the transfer of energy into an object. The initial object that causes the other to move has to be in motion itself in order to make the other be in motion. This therefore implies that a body has to have energy that exceeds the energy of the stationery body.

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It is quite clear that for work to take place, there has to be some distance covered and the force applied to a body. For the body to be displaced, force has to be applied by another body that has energy. Hence for work to be done, energy has to be applied in one way or the other.

Work and energy takes similar units of measurements indicating that they are similar in one way or the other. When energy is changed from one state to another, work is done at the same time. Similarly, work results to energy being released. Work is therefore used interchangeably with energy. Work is furthermore related with power in that power is the way in which work is done over some time. Besides this, power is the amount of energy that is transferred with time. Moreover, work may be termed as the amount of effort needed to displace an object, and the energy is the amount of force in joules that has been taken to have that body moved.

Considerably, one must have energy in order to perform work. However, a body cannot necessarily do work even if it has energy. There are various kinds of energies that are not work in themselves. Potential energy is not work in itself since for any energy to be called work, there has to be the aspect of displacement. Kinetic energy is work in itself since it is the energy at the motion of a body. Energy is the potential to work, but it is not necessary that work gets done.

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In conclusion, work and energy are two aspects that are related to one another. By the happening of one, for instance work, energy is behind it. For a body to be worked on it has to have its position changed marked by covering of some distance. Furthermore, energy has to be applied in order for work to be done. However, there exists particular difference between the two terms.


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