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Free «Patrice Lumumba» Essay Sample

Patrice Lumumba was African leader who was born July 2, 1925 in onalua, Belgian Congo. Patrice worked as a trade-union organizer, and later initiated movement National Congolars which the first national wide political party in Congo in 1958. He was the first prime minister of the Democratic of the Congo from June to September 1960. Patrice died in January, 1961, in Katanga province republic of Congo.

Patrice Lumumba was against forces of the European and up to date he is known to be a hero who played a big part in Africa liberation. He proved its patriotism and determination when he stood firm against the forces of European world and even African world who wanted to deny independence movement of the people of the Congo as Dr. Conrad Worrill explains in his article in “The Black Commentator” magazine. Dr. Conrad says those who stand and fight against the evil of European world takes on a very serious task and challenge.

The liberation movement which was initiated by Patrice Lumumba had some challenges from those who were against the African freedom. Those who were against Patrice include the Europeans, this was because Patrice did not support them in their dealing which to some extend were denying Africans their rights and also discriminated them. There were also some Africans, who were against Patrice movement, may be because they were benefiting from the whites. Patrice was assassinated by his enemies on January 17, 1961 at the hands of African mercenaries who were used by Europeans in collaboration with the USA and CIA. Dr, Conrad concluded that “the external enemies and internal enemies, led to the extinction and death of Patrice Lumumba.


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