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Question 1

Various techniques are employed in offshore drilling. One of the methods is a Fixed Platform (FP). This approach involves the injection of a steel tube directly onto the seabed. The advantage of using this platform is that it allows organizations to access oil reserves in deep waters. On the other hand, in case of a leak, it would expose marine life to extinction. Furthermore, a Compliant Tower (CT) technique is similar to the FP but with more lateral forces. It creates access to oil in deep waters providing a safe residence for a mining crew. Nevertheless, it equally increases the potential of oil spills into the sea thus harming marine life and communities that depend on marine environment. Other methods employed in offshore drilling include the use of floating drilling units anchored to the sea floor such as tension leg platforms, floating production systems, and seastar systems. These facilities increase exploitation of non-renewable sources of energy (Offshore oil and gas, 1998).

Question 2

A. Hurricane damage to coastlines can be prevented throughplanting of trees along the coastline. It will make the ground firm as well as obstruct hurricane pressure. Creation of artificial levees along the coastline would also channel water away from a hurricane point while minimizing damage. It may equally call for construction of barrier walls and flood gates in highly prone residences along the coast.

B. In the advent of global warming, we cannot leave coastal damage to nature. There is an increasing need to cut on factors causing global warming such as carbon emissions. Such actions will significantly reduce sea-level rise. There is equally a need to reduce influences, including government incentives, which lead people to settle in hurricane-prone areas (Keith, 2006).

 C. Today, it has become increasingly evident that some coastal areas, such as North Carolina, will certainly be hit by a hurricane in the future. Insurance premiums should not be paid for accidents that are certain to occur. There is also a need for the government to increase disincentives for individuals settling in such areas.


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