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Free «Testing Scientific Theories» Essay Sample

Question One 

One of the key roles of radio stations is to provide weather report to the general public and specialized users.  The information provided by the stations should be accurate and reliable to help ensure the protection and safety of people and their property. Weather reporting is significant during times of extreme weather phenomena. In addition, it assists in the economic and efficient pursuit of business, as well as the domestic activity, which citizens undertake in various areas of responsibility and pursuit. Weather forecasts and warnings are essential services provided by meteorological stations through the media. These forecasts are used by the industry, and government to protect property and life, as well as to improve efficiency of operations. The reports are intended to provide guidance to a number of users.  More often, media weather reporting is not taken more seriously and is mostly treated as journalism. However, no other stories covered affect every citizen than the weather reporting. Weather forecasts are important for planning and making informed decisions.  Despite the importance accorded to weather fore cast, some media manipulate the report to suit their selfish goals (World Meteorological Organization, 1994).



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Question Two

Texas’s climate varies broadly from humid in the east to arid in the west. Because of it expansive nature, Texas is home to various climate. Within the state, there are a number of regions characterized with varying climates: Northern Plains, South Texas, Texas Hill Country, Piney Woods, and Trans-Pecos Region. Typically, half of the state is humid subtropical with the western part being semi-arid. Snowfall is a common phenomenon in the north. With respect to the weather conditions, thunderstorms are common phenomena and tornados occur during the month of April, May, and June. Maritime climate prevails in the costal region because of the influence emanating from the large water body. The coast has a cooling effect to the adjacent areas, and because of this, climate of such areas have been modified. Texas weather conditions show a drier trend and most people are fleeing areas, which are mostly impacted by climatic changes.

Texas has a number of publicly accessible man-made lakes the only natural lake in the Texas region is the Caddo Lake located on the eastern boarder of Louisiana. The lakes were developed by the municipal council for the sole purpose of supplying water and recreational activity. Human activities have played a key role in altering the climate. Dam and man-made lakes have significantly altered local weather conditions. They have caused extreme precipitation because of the presence of reservoirs. These lakes have resulted to the micro-climate, with areas around these lakes experiencing large volumes of conventional rainfall. The heavy downpours experience around Texas is as a result of evaporation of water vapor, which emanates from the lake (Texas Dept. of Agriculture, 1988).

Question Three

Scientific methods are rigorously applied in the quest for understanding facts, which are gathered through observation. Based on such data, scientists form unproven statements or hypothesis regarding the observed phenomena. Having developed hypotheses, the subject that follows is testing, and this is a critical component of the scientific approach. Advocates of nonscientific ideas, by contrast, usually focus on the search for evidence, which will conform to the developed hypothesis. Any aspect that is in favor of the hypothesis is reported, although a true scientist continues constantly to disapprove the already developed hypothesis. The hypothesis will only gain the status of a theory when it withstands repeated testing when an idea is embodied in a theory after testing process, it becomes a law. In that case, all laws are subject to repeated and continual testing, and new ways for the development of novel paradigm will only be created follow a disapproval of law (Earman, 1983).

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Question Four

There are extremely limited practical applications to the majority of the theoretical works taught in class, which similarly applies to the study of the solar system.  It is certain that individuals could have very fulfilled life and productive careers without understanding the many theoretical works covered within the classroom.  Ninety five percent of work taught in class has little to do with practical applications in life. This is because the human brain works with many connections and comprehends things by making comparisons to others.  Not all concepts learnt in class are necessarily important; however, they represent the foundation of building important concepts.

Question Five

Through deductive reasoning, we can use general premises to arrive at a logically certain conclusion. The law of detachment, also referred as Modus pones and affirming antecedent, can also be used in approving a theory concerning planets’ processes. A condition statement is made together with a hypothesis. The conclusion is arrived from the hypothesis and the condition statement. There will be no valid conclusion, when conclusion is given instead of a hypothesis (Magoon & Coasts, 2011). 


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