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The author of this picture uses a print medium, where he lays it in a brown background. The texture of the picture is smooth suggesting that a smooth material with a nylon finish must have been used. The picture is positioned on a horizontal orientation, which suggests that the metal frame is placed in its rightful position. When I saw the picture, I was overwhelmed by the impressive work of the artist. The work done by this artist is impressive and appealing to my eyes. It also gives me the urge to know more about the picture. The picture has also given me an inquest to know what that metal was and where is it used. No artist’s statement went along with the picture. This strategy is appealing since it gives the viewer the urge to know why the artist produced that picture.

This picture by the artist shows a drawing of a gadget that looks like a mechanical device. The gadget seems to have been previously used since its outer sections and margins are covered with a layer of rust. This also suggests that the gadget was exposed to conditions that cause rust to metals such as carbon and water. The gadget on the foreground is metallic equipment since only metals are vulnerable to rust, and most probably, it is an iron device. The gadget is also intertwined at the center that shows an entwining gap.

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On the right side of the gadget, a protruding metal has been folded such that it lies adjacently to the huge metal frame. The protruding metal has rings, which suggests that another metal is interlinked with it such as a screw. In addition, there is another protruding circular metal in the foreground, particularly at the bottom right side. This piece of metal has holes in it suggesting that other pieces of metal are used to fill in the empty spaces. Close to this circular piece of metal, there are two small pieces that look like gear levers. At the left end of the metal, there is a huge circular part that resembles a steering wheel. The circular piece has a black outer covering and a reflective metallic middle part that is used to connect the piece to the large blue metal frame. The metal in the background of the picture has been placed on the wrong position. This means that it can damage the environment as well as cause harm to the people.

The large piece of metal in the foreground of the picture is behind a vegetative ground. On the rear ground of the picture, we can see tree twigs whereby some of them cover the metal frame of the picture. Shadows of the tree twigs can be seen on the metal frame meaning that light was used so that the shadow of the picture could appear on the metal frame. In the foreground, middle ground, and background of the picture, the artist uses blue color that suggests that blue light was used. The background of the picture has huge green tree stems; some of the branches cover the left end of the metal frame.

My understanding of the purpose of the artist is the need for proper disposal of gadgets such as the used metal frame in the picture. If I met the artist, I would enquire on the intention of the picture and the use of the gadget in the foreground. The idea of the picture relates with many historical and visual components that we have learnt in class such as imagery, impressions, and expressions (Doty, 2010).


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