Free «Physical Dating Violence and Child Abuse» Essay Sample

Physical Dating Violence what is your reaction to the incidence of female perpetrators of physical dating violence? Do you feel this is an area in which more attention should be directed? Explain your response.

Physical dating violence is the bodily violence within a dating correlation, and more attention should be expressed as the dating violence victims are more likely to engage in uncertain behaviors like attempted suicide, detrimental dieting behavior, sexual intercourse, periodic heavy drinking or substance abuse, and corporal fighting (Howard, 2007).

In the article “African Americans and Teen Dating Violence,” the literature focuses on teen dating violence in the U.S. and possible reasons for teen dating violence particularly in the African American community. What information did you find particularly interesting or alarming? Do you believe and support this information? Why, or why not? Support your reasons.

It is fascinating to know that, along with fourteen thousand students, nine percent reported experience physical dating violence victimization. Moreover, victimization was males eight point nine percent and females eight point eight percent. Frequency of reported physical dating violence oppression was bigger among blacks at thirteen percent than whites at seven percent (McKay, 2000).  

Do grandparents, relatives, significant others, and siblings have a duty to report child abuse? Explain your opinion and provide examples to support your position.

Child abuse incidents should be reported as it leads to adulthood continual situations, high peril wellbeing behaviors, lifespan reduction and development issues. In addition, child exploitation is a significant contributor to life stress that has outcomes involving the psychological strength of an adult (Watkins, 2009).

According to Robert Agnew’s general strain theory, child abuse could lead to crime as a result of negative stimulus. Do you agree with this theory? Why or why not? Supposing this is true, discuss how the problem of child abuse would contribute to the crime problem. What are some potential solutions?

I concur with Agnew’s strain theory. Since child abuse is the oppression of a child.  This discrimination puts pressure and also frees an individual abused which makes a person develop deviance. The deviance is as a result of negative exploitation and treatment from others, and the end results are antagonism and dissatisfaction hence leading to one to commit a crime (Pelzer, 2008).


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