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Free «Port of Helsinki» Essay Sample

From ancient days port had been considered path to business prosperity. At the same time, in old days shipping was the only way of transmitting commodities to other parts of the world. However, after revolution and evolution, in current fast air cargo era, ports are still considered backbone of economic activity. Hereinafter, port’s development cannot be taken for grated and will not be denied in future.

Port of Helsinki:

Index of Finland ports hold port of Helsinki on the top. It is not only a hub and utilized as the main source of Finnish business and trade activity. But, at the same time, the port of Helsinki is also used as passenger port and is one from the largest passenger ports in the world. Hereinafter, port of Helsinki as a developed trade hub for trade commodities of Finnish possesses large space for laborers as well as for cargo services (Port of Helsinki, N.d).

Import and export commodities:

There are hundred commodities that are being transit out and transit in on daily basis from port of Helsinki. On the one hand, index of export goods comprise on metal industry, forestry, textile, foodstuff and glassware. On the other hand, index of import goods comprise on consumer durables, foodstuff, raw materials, and semi-finished food items for industry purpose.



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The cargo services at port of Helsinki:

There are several international shipment/cargo service companies operating at the port of Helsinki. These companies are Authorities, Bulk transport, Freight forwarders, Inland logistic centers, shipbrokers etc.

Those companies have their own equipment as well as employees. At the same time, the manual labour has drastically been replaced by the machines. That situation has created joblessness at a large scale at the port of Helsinki. However, quite largely this vacuum has been covered by the passenger service at the port.


At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis that is, from ancient days port had been considered path to business prosperity. After extracting data and getting know-how about development and business activity of port of Helsinki. It can be determined that ports play pivotal role in economic prosperity. And, port of Helsinki is an example of it.


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