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The pre-writing/invention process is the first initial writing process stage which is followed by the drafting process, the revision process, the editing process, and the publishing process. All the elements which are found in the prewriting process include planning, researching, outlining, clustering, diagramming, and storytelling. Audience awareness and motivation are the initial stages in prewriting where a writer tries to communicate since communication is very essential when one is writing since the writer can be able to get the glimpse of the reader and also capture the reader’s attention so that he can be focused on the writing.

Invention strategies are the ways one can use in order to be able to come up with new ideas for a writing process which  include free writing, blind writing, listing, mapping, HDWDWW ( How Does Who Do What and Why?), Double listing method, and matrices. The invention strategy that I used for this essay is the free writing strategy. I found the free writing strategy very effective because I was able to write for about five to ten minutes without stopping which helped me to write a very good essay. I wrote continuously since I had the topic in mind and through the storming of my mind, I was able to get ideas from my mind which were creative and useful in one way or the other. This strategy I found to be very useful since I could express all my writing without thinking of the mistakes that I made and it just kept me writing more and more.

This strategy improved my creativity in writing since I  just wrote all that was running through my mind and I did not have to get into the problem of thinking about the language that I used as to whether it is grammatically correct or wrong and the spelling mistakes and the punctuations within the sentences were also not very important in my writing. What I learned from this invention strategy is that the free writing strategy is just like the kind of warm up exercise that the sports people like the footballers and athletes do before doing their sports activities. The free writing was able to work up all the muscles which are found in my brain to think a bit quicker which also got me into a very good writing mood by streamlining the ideas into the language that I needed to write up the essay.

In the next time, I would prefer to use the free writing strategy since it is very innovative and the other strategies that are available involve computer use and others are very mathematical in nature like the blind writing and they don’t depend on the original thought of what an individual thinks. I would like to stick to the free writing strategy because it makes me be creative and come up with new ideas each and every time that I sit down and jot some paragraph on a piece of paper which also makes my writing original and very unique in itself.


Part 2: Writing Process

The main purpose of my essay is to be able to ensure all of my audiences that all the students who study in schools and to be particular the students who study in public schools usually gain good learning goals since they get educated in good classrooms by teachers who are well prepared to enhance their skills.

My target audience are the students’ parents, community leaders, principals, and teachers. I was able to fulfil my responsibility to my audience by detailing that the NCLB (No Child Left Behind ) requires that all the public schools to close all the academic gaps which exist between the students who come from different ethnic backgrounds, students with disabilities, different races, and students who are economically advantaged or disadvantaged.

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The main point of my essay is that it has been able to bring about changes in the nation by holding the schools as being solely accountable for all the students and also the empowering of the parents by the NCLB. Once the audience reads this essay, then they would think, learn and believe that the NCLB act is out to help all the children in the public schools by ensuring that the children can be able to get grants so as to be used in attracting the school programs and also ensuring that the children are able to get and acquire free tutoring and attending a very good school irrespectable of their races, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.


Part 3: Peer Reviewing Process

The peer reviewing process is aimed at helping each other to be able to understand the ways and methods that can assist them in improving the quality of their writings. When I reviewed my peer’s essay, I was able to look at a number of things like the relevance of the topic, significance of the topic, how timely the topic was, and I was able to look at my peer’s punctuation and spelling mistakes and also the grammar that he used.

What I learned as I peer reviewed is that my peer used a variety of creations which were continuous with new categories, I got new information, and there was the presence of hidden perspectives. What I learned about myself as I peer reviewed is that I was able to Gain new knowledge from my peers essay although I also had done a great job in writing my essay, but I learned that with peer reviewing you get can exposure from other people’s ideas which could help you to build up your writing skills. With that I was able to realize and learn all my mistakes and it made me realise that my work was not that satisfactory and it required to be revised again so as to improve the quality of the work. I was able to get new information that I did not know before when I was writing up my essay and I realised that I needed to work on my writing skills.


Part 4: Revising Process

In the revision process, one can be able to do minor changes to the work that one has already done so as to be able to improve the quality of his work. I decided to revise my work because when we revise our work, we are able to become better writers because even if a writer writes very fluently and clearly, there is the need to have to revise your work. When you revise your work, you can be able to rectify all the mistakes which are either due to grammatical errors, punctuations and spelling mistakes, and one can also put in any important information that was left out during the initial writing of the paper or even omit any information that Is considered to be unnecessary in the essay which could give the essay a good and clear flow.

What I think about my revised draft is that in the beginning I had thought that my work was satisfactory enough since after having gone through it, I felt the flow of the essay but after having peer reviewed, I realised that there was a lot of amendments that were required of my essay. I chose to make the revision because I wanted to look at how the parts fitted together within the essay and add what was missing and when you revise your work as a writer, it makes you to be a more effective writer by gaining experience and learning how to revise better in the future since a revision of one’s work is the reflection of what you have initially written.


Part 5: Assessing

My strongest aspect of the essay is that I do believe that my writing ability and the ability to express all my ideas, knowledge and thoughts have grown very strong because I have been able to put all my thought and imaginations on the paper in the form of paragraphs and short sentences which are coherent and very correct according to my school assignments. I have been able to come up with the creative ideas and thoughts, organised them into an essay and I also provided examples and more support. As I compare my writing from when I started writing,  I have realised that with time, my creativity in my thinking capacity has greatly increased because I have broadened my ideas and thoughts.

My weakest aspect of my essay is that I was not able to formulate my own thoughts and ideas and be able to support them with other writer’s works which was a great challenge. Citing was a major challenge to me because I found it very difficult to relate it to my work. Sometimes I found myself coming to quick conclusions which made it very difficult for me to be able to understand the topic which made me to interpret the questions ant the topic wrongly which made most parts of my essay to be unrelated to the main topic of essay.

What i would do differently for the next essay assignment would be to firstly try to understand the topic, determine its significance, and then see how it is related to the essay. I would also come up with a thesis of the essay which would guide me through the whole of the essay writing process, then i would come up with a list of creative ideas which are based on the topic of the essay and the thesis statement. I learned that communication is an important aspect in the writing process because when you are writing an essay, you are trying to communicate to a target audience and you have to pass on an important information to them when they read your work and you should try as much as possible to persuade them to read your work by writing relevant ideas and coming up with a very good title which can inspire one to want to know what the rest of the writing is all about.

What I learned from writing this essay is that I learned different paper styles which in most cases are in different forms and fields.  Through peer reviewing, I was able to learn new ideas into writing which really helped me quite a lot since I realised that my work really needed a revision and through the revisions that I made to my work, I realised how peer reviewing is an essential aspect in writing which is very essential for any successful writer who wants to improve on the quality of writing.

When one is writing, he/ she should put into consideration the targeted audience who are the main reasons as to why the essay is being written in the first place and one should be able to catch the interest of all his audiences so that they may be able to read the whole of the essay since if the audience gets bored because of reading a writing which is either off the topic or does not make any sense at all, it makes the whole writing useless in one way or the other. What I feel about writing is that I feel more confident that I was before because I believe that I can be able to write absolutely anything and also be able to cite it properly.


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