Free «Use of the Erotic: the Erotic as Power» Essay Sample

In his essay, Lorde (2003) observed that there are various forms of power embedded in human erotic nature. He added that “the erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling” (Lorde, 2003). This power has the ability to seriously distort the element of perception and sex culture among humans. In as much as we live in a male dominated world, erotic should not be used by men as an instrument which encourages pornography instead erotic ought to be an instrument to be utilized by women.

Superficially erotic is supported since it is an indication of female weakness. On the other hand, ladies have been made to endure as well as feel both suspect and contemptible because of its existence. This is a small step towards the false principle which states that by inhibition of erotic which exists in our lives as well as consciousness can make women strong. However, that power is illusory, since it is formed within the perspective of male power models. Women have lost trust that authority which emanates from deep, as well as irrational knowledge. Women have been cautioned against it by the male dominated humanity that values this feeling adequate to maintain women so that they can perform it for the men. This therefore, implies that women kept at an inferior position so that they can be physically milked. The author compares it to the same manner in which ants retain aphid colonies so that they can offer life-giving matter for their masters.

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The author states that men have misnamed erotic power and have used it not in favor of women. Erotic has been turned away as a source of information and power consequently, mistaking it with its opposite, pornography. However, pornography is an undeviating denunciation of the might of erotic, because it symbolizes suppression of factual feeling. According to Lorde, pornography puts emphasis on sensation without feeling. Lorde further states that, the erotic is a value between chaos of our robust feelings and the foundations of our self senses. Erotic is an inner sense of gratification to which, once it has been experienced then we know that we can aspire. Since, having experienced the comprehensiveness of degree of sensitivity as well as understanding its might, in honor as well as self-respect, can expect nothing less from us.

Erotic is not an issue of what we do but, it is a query of how fully and acute can we experience in the doing. After understanding the degree to which we have the capability of feeling that degree of satisfaction, as well as completion, we can observe our various life endeavors which make us close to that fullness. The intent of everything we undertake is to ensure our lives as well as lives of our offspring is richer as well as more possible. The author states that in the celebration of erotic in each of our endeavors, her work is a conscious decision- a bed which she can enter gratefully as well as which she can rise empowered.

In a nutshell, erotic has been mistaken for pornography in the male dominated world. This should not be the case since it demeans women hence it portrays them as being immoral among other unacceptable cultural values. Erotic should be a tool for encouraging women to express their concerns on various issues which affect them. Erotic is an issue of how fully and acute we experience in the doing. Furthermore, everything we do should be aimed at ensuring that the livelihood of our children is enhanced.


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