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The movie "Cabeza De Vaca"(1991) covers the story about the life of a Spanish explorer named Alvar Nunez. The movie dates back between the years 1490 and 1559 and explains more about a group of voyage which travelled from Spain. The group was in hunt for new world under the command of Narvaez reign. The team later lost their ship in Tampa Bay and eventually ended up separating. Every member of the expedition went his own way. A small group of people as well as Cabeza De Vaca eventually took on their way towards the west of Texas coast. In the process of their movement, they were attacked by the Indians who captured and killed most of them. The movie ends in 1536 by the arrival to the Spanish campsite located at the Mexican pacific coast.

The American history of the year 2011 has been full of involvements in various wars. The basic theme of these wars is geared towards peace seeking in the entire globe. In most cases, the American military troops have been sent out to help save the lives of the helpless innocent people in various parts of the world. The best example of this scenario is the recent case in Libya. The main areas of comparison between the Movie and the recent American cases involve much of wars and abductions.

The movie is related to many of the recent events in the United States of America. The first relationship is the attacks and killings common to both the movie and the recent America. Based on the movie, when Cabeza De Vaca and his team took a route towards Texas coast, they were captured and some of them killed. A similar case was evident during the American involvement in the Iraq war. Most American soldiers were captured and killed while others kidnapped and detained.

The movie covers more about the theme of death. First, when the Indians attacked the expedition. The massive killings during that time compares closely to the current losses of lives in the American in their involvement in Libya. In as much as there was victory at the end of the story, most American soldiers as well as journalists lost their lives during that period.

Another similarity between the Cabeza De Vaca movie and the United States of America is the case of crime eradication. In the recent past, the American government has been so serious about eradication of principle criminals around the entire globe. The fight against crime has been geared by the American president in various parts of the world. The first example is the fight against terrorism and other inhuman activities in the Middle East countries. This war led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the capturing of Saddam Hussein and the resent killing of Muhammad Gaddafi. The movie on the other hand focuses on capturing of all those who trespass the law of the land. During the time when Cabeza De Vaca and his team had lost their ship, they came to the Indian coast where they were captured for trespassing on the Indian borders.

The involvement of the American military officers in any form of war operation is normally as a result of command issued from the president of the States. On the other hand, the journey of the expedition was as result of command from Panfilo de Narvaez. He was the overall commander of the whole troop in the movie. There is a very close relationship between the Cabeza De Vaca movie and the American profile in the year 2011. These have covered more of the themes in the play as well as the practical activities involving the Americans in the recent past.


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