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Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is among United States of America landmarks. It lays in the heart of Pennsylvania, the sixth ranked city in the USA which is colloquially referred to as the city of Brotherly love. The name Philadelphia is a Greek word from Phillos for “love” and adelphos meaning “brother” (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2013, pg. 1).

Independence Hall was founded in 1732 as Pennsylvania State House which later evolved to be Independence Hall. The hall symbolized the nation to come. Twenty one years after its construction in 1753, the hall was completed. It was being funded by the provincial administration on piecemeal basis. Independence Hall completion had been overseen by Andrew Hamilton, a Philadelphian lawyer. It was in the vision of Hamilton who oversaw completion of the Independence Hall challenging making New York Freedom of press landmark. He won this petition that was raised against Peter Zenger in 1735 in favor of Independence Hall.

Independence Hall based on the provided scripts and evidence proves that it’s the birth place of the United States of America. It formed a debating ground for the United States constitution. Drafting and signing of the first United States constitution took place here at the independence Hall. This constitution became the oldest federal constitution to exist in United States. Constitution was framed in the Independence Hall by convention of delegates from twelve of the thirteen original colonies where Rhode Island never sent a delegate (). The Committee of secret correspondence established in 1775 met here in the Independence Hall replacing committee of foreign affairs in 17th April 1777; with the exemption to brief time that congress was in Baltimore.

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The first diplomatic representation of American colonies, Conrad Alexandre Gerald of France presented his credence letter to the congress in this hall. This was in 6th August, 1778. This Hall also was where the Great George Washington in 1787, presided over the debate which was in May to September the same year. This debate facilitated submission of permeable and seven articles submitted to thirteen states and were to take effects only if nine states ratified it. This was made realistic in 21st June, 1788 when New Hampshire a ninth state approved the constitution. This made it effective the following year in 1789. It is in this Hall where power separation in the United States governance feature was innovated. The legislative in reference to Congress, executive/ president and judicial branches of the government were separated. The congress at the Independence Hall was split into two; the upper and the lower. The upper house became upper floor adjoining to the congress while the lower house became the main floor of the congress (, 2012).

Independence Hall saw equality of all countries was recognized. This was in disregard to state size. Proportionate representation of members was done according to the state’s sizes to enhance equal representation of all citizens. Small and large States tried to debate according to their interests which led to a compromised agreement. The independence hall is paid tribute for its remarkable achievement in establishment of the new nation which was eager to face new unforeseeable challenges (, 2012).

Independence Hall is also known to be the home of the famous Liberty Bell Centre. The bell had originally been cast in the Whitechapel Foundry in the East London. It was sent specifically to the Independent Hall, Pennsylvania State House in 1753. The bell has a circumference of 12 feet around its lips and 44-pound clapper. It has with it a symbolic inscription from a bible verse, “Proclaim Liberty thought all land unto all inhabitants thereof.” This was in the attempts to abolish slavery in the United States. Unfortunately the clapper gained a crack when the bell was in its first use. Couples of local artisans were invited to recast the bell twice. John Pass and John Stow tried to add less copper to make the bell less brittle and later added silver to sweeten the tone produced. Surprisingly, no one was satisfied but it was still put in the tower of the Independence Hall anyway (The Liberty Bell, 2013)

There lay varieties of facts about the Independence Hall. After the completion of the Hall in 1748, the hall had 107 feet long connected by closed arcades, and 50 feet long- two wing buildings. This building was later in 1950 erected to contain staircases and belfry as directed by the assembly. This was in the efforts of mounting the Liberty Bell which was to be rung to announce declaration of independence adoption in 8th July, 1776. Independence Hall has over the years been altered in 1777-8 by British invasion. They damaged the state house into barracks and hospital for wounded American soldiers. These were in the first and second floor respectively. Old steeple had rotten and was brought down in 1781where a new one was built in 1828.

Congress hall building had begun in 1787 up to 1789 while the City Hall was from 1789-81. The two formed a complex of which the state house was a part. The assembly room and the second floor of the State House were used as a museum and portrait gallery in 1802-28. This provided history and facts about United States history. Since 1828, independence Hall has had a series of restoration which have continued until the present date. Independence Hall up to 1898 has been a public shrine for Independence and a National Historical Park.

The Independence Hall is among the American tourist destination rich in historical heritage and among USA most visited cities. It served as the country capital before New York assumed this role as provide by the travel guides (US news travel, 2013).


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