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What is Tampa Bay?

I would ask this to know the meaning and the physical location of the term Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay is a natural, large harbor and estuary along the Gulf of Mexico in the west coast of Florida in USA (The Great Tampa Chamber of Commerce, 2013).

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What is the climate and population of Tampa Bay?

I would ask this to know the population and the climate of Tampa Bay. The climate of Tampa is humid subtropical climate. The population was 346,037 by 2011 (The Great Tampa Chamber of Commerce, 2013).

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How big is Tampa Bay?

I would ask this to know the approximately square miles of the harbor. Tampa Bay is 400 square miles with a watershed covering 2,200 square miles (The Great Tampa Chamber of Commerce, 2013).

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What are some economic activities, infrastructure, habitat and who governs the harbor?

I would ask this to know the economic activities carried out in the area, the infrastructure in the harbor, surrounding habitat and the person in charge of the harbor. There are many economic activities in Tampa Bay; shipping by air and seas, tourism, sports, fishing among others (The Great Tampa Chamber of Commerce, 2013). Its habitat is mangrove forests that trap and cycle pollutants. It is governed under strong mayor form of government.

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