Free «Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project» Essay Sample

The recreation and wellness intranet project is expected to be completed in six months and the cost of executing the project will not exceed two hundred thousand dollars. Tony Prince will be the project manager and he will be responsible for success or failure of the project. Tony’s tasks will include planning for the execution of the project, as well as monitoring and controlling it. In addition, Tony will also ensure that the availed resources meet the objectives of the project. Tony will also be responsible for managing the time for the project; that is, ensuring that all the phases of the project are executed within the stipulated six months. Metric data such as work completed, work in progress, schedule and cost will also be collected by the project manager who will also relay all the data to the relevant stakeholders. The project manager will also be charged with the responsibility of identifying, evaluating and responding to risks that may come up during implementation. The project manager will also provide relevant information to the stakeholders with regard to progress (Schwalbe, 2011).

Bonnie and I, as programmers/analysts, will be in charge of analyzing problems faced in the intranet project and come up with computer based solutions. For us to accomplish this we will create documents and charts to indicate what will be done in the project and how it will be done. We will also examine existing systems, design new ones, hold discussions with the potential users of the intranet and evaluate the software and hardware components needed for the project. After the project is implemented, we will monitor the network’s performance, establish computer to computer links, and provide help to users on how to use the network. Patrick as a network analyst will be in charge of recommending computer software and hardware that will be installed in the intranet. His duties will include recommending how the network will be monitored and maintained, network deployment, and how active equipment will be monitored (Schwalbe, 2011).

Patrick will also come up with security measures that will ensure the overall integrity of the network. He will achieve this by providing configurations that will enable authorization and authentication, and assign network addresses and routing protocols. The role of Nancy as a business analyst will be to provide concrete information on how the recreational and wellness project will provide solutions to the needs of businesses. Basically, Nancy will link information technology and the business community. Nancy will also provide support in choosing the materials that will be required for implementation and training, and she will also gather the business requirements that will have to be met for the project to be successfully implemented. Nancy may also assist with the project management in case the project manager is overwhelmed with a lot of tasks or tied up (Schwalbe, 2011).

Yusaff, the head of the human resource personnel, will be responsible for administrative tasks in the project and management of different specialists involved. Yusaff will ensure that everyone involved in the project is performing his / her role and that conflicts of interests do not arise. The head of human resource will also handle any issues raised by the team members, especially those that have the potential of affecting their performance. Cassandra, as a finance specialist, will be responsible for analyzing the budget of the project, establishment how the funds are to be allocated, and then will make recommendations to the project manager and other stakeholders on how these funds can be utilized better. Cassandra will also help in preparation of the budget that will be used during implementation; she will also maintain financial procedures and policies, and maintain cash controls. She will also ensure that all the suppliers involved in the project have their invoices processed in time, and prepare income statements (Schwalbe, 2011).


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