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Human sexuality is basically the ability of individuals to experience sexual pleasure among them. It includes the ability of an individual to get attracted sexually to other people. It could be heterosexuality, whereby people of the opposite sex get involved in sexual practices or homosexuality, whereby people of the same sex become sexually attracted towards each other. There also cases, whereby some individuals are usually bisexual and can either engage sexually with people of same sex or the opposite sex. Sexual activeness usually begins at puberty among individuals. Human sexuality plays an important role in society and it determines people’s personalities. Sexuality usually involves various implications to members of any society and it should, therefore, be understood so that remedial measures may be taken to counter its undesirable occurrences. Some of the problems associated with human sexuality involve the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancies among girls (Molina, 1999).



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Human sexuality is usually close to sociology. While sociology tries to explain the social relationship in societies and other institutional affiliations, sexuality greatly determines the human behavior. Human sexuality should conform to the norms instilled by sociology in society, so as to promote its welfare in society. Some sexual practices as being gay or lesbian are normally termed by many societies as immoral since they always seem to mislead its members. Human sexuality plays a very important role in shaping society and if it follows the norms and code of ethics as required by sociology, sexuality may lead to a good societal relationship. Various sociological theories and terms are used to explain sexuality among people. For instance, intimacy usually relates to the closeness brought by hugging, holding each other or through physical contact among individuals. Although some people think that human sexuality can better be termed as behavioral rather than biological, there are various terms that explain it in a sociological perspective. These include the Darwinian theory of sexual selection theory.

The Darwinian Theory explains how individual attitudes and behaviors, regarding sexual practices, are determined by their urge to capitalize on their reproductive capabilities. According to the theory, individuals’ ability to be sexually committed is determined by the genes present in their bodies and usually similar among related individuals. The sociological perspective of the theory is that human sexuality is highly driven by natural selection and sexual selection. According to Darwin, natural selection relates to the survival of the fit. Therefore, individuals try their best to remain active and exploit their sexual abilities guided by their genes. Individuals normally think it is good to procreate so as to prolong human race. Most of these beliefs are usually found in most religious affiliations, which play an important role in social administration. A good example is Christianity, in which although its teachings disallow sex before marriage, it is important to procreate.

Sexual selection, on the other hand, explains an individual’s ability to find the sexual partners of their choice. In most societies, it is males who search for females. Good sexual behaviors lead to social intimacy, which leads to peaceful and ethical relationships among individuals in any society. Human sexuality is well-known in society today. Various societal leaders such as teachers and religious leaders take it as their obligations to enlighten other people about the need to engage in reasonable sexual practices and the dangers associated with sexuality. For instance, individuals are usually aware of the problems that come as a result of improper sexual relationships. These problems include diseases such as HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies and poor moral values. Some of the good aspects of human sexuality are the establishment of families that raise and nurture children well who become the future societal pillars (Trivers, 1972).

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For any society to advance there should be coordination between it and its members. Society is usually instrumental in shaping individuals. Members of society also play a big role in influencing how it undergoes its affairs. Society provides the norms and ethics that should be followed by its members. There are often predetermined sanctions for whoever goes against the requirements of society. Societies require that people relate well without conflicts and provide a manner, in which disputes should be handled. Regarding to human sexuality, some societies make it necessary that people should only engage on sexual activities after they are married. This is often done to reduce cases of abortion and childhood pregnancies, which are normally termed as immoral acts.

Individuals help in shaping society by adhering to its norms and other requirements and providing leadership to ensure that society members relate well. By avoiding some bad sexual habits, which would otherwise lead to diseases and other immoralities, individuals help in shaping their societies. Society cannot attain any of its goals without cooperation of its members. Therefore, each individual has an obligation to engage in activities that promote societal wellbeing, rather than deteriorate it. All societal beliefs and expectations should be followed by all individuals and this would mean that they adhere to the established norms.

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There is a quite important need for sociological research on human sexuality. Human sexuality needs to be understood quite well so that its knowledge may be used to set societal values, which may be used to curb its uncharacteristic implications. Sociological research on this issue will help to establish the problems that come with it in society and whatever needs to be done to ensure that future members of society do not encounter the same harms. For instance, human sexuality has led to a number of socioeconomic and political problems. A good example is the harm caused to societies, the members who should be actively engaged in its economic affairs die of such diseases as HIV/AIDS. In addition, many girls have had to drop out of school at very tender ages due to childhood impregnation. Most countries use much of their annual earnings to offer ailments to its citizens who suffer from various sexually transmitted diseases. This usually has the implication of slowing down the economic growth of such countries (Coser, 1971).

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Society has to come up with a sociological approach to reduce the problems, which arise as a result of sexuality, most of which are caused by individuals’ failure to follow the set societal norms and values. Undertaking sociological researches will help to discover the social measures that have to be established to reduce human sexuality problems. In doing so, there would be some practical implications such as determining the sanctions that should be taken against men who lure young girls to engage sexually with them. Society will also be able to realize the extent of such practices as homosexuality or bisexuality and know the harm they pose to society, regarding its morality and determine the actions to take against those habits.


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