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Air pollution can be defined as the introduction of chemicals, biological matter, and particulate materials that have the potential of damaging the natural environment besides causing harm to living things in the atmosphere. Apparently, the atmosphere contains gasses that are complex and dynamic in nature which are responsible for supporting the life on Earth. Air pollution has become a tragedy whose solution is required as urgently as possible. This is because of the significant risks that are associated with it. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution has the potential of resulting in wheezing, coughing, difficulty in breathing or even the escalation of the prevailing cardiac and respiratory conditions. However, the solution of the air pollution tragedy has been a topic under debate from several quarters. This paper aims at exploring the philosophical views of both Mill and Lock about the air pollution tragedy.

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The existing consensus around the globe concerning the solution of air pollution involves the adoption of practices that will lead to the alteration of its causes and replacing them with clean and renewable energies. However, according to Mills, not all popular opinions are true. As much as the whole world is in agreement that changing and replacing the causes of air pollution must be the a sure way of dealing with the vice, Mills thinks that such an opinion should not be adopted just because it is popular; it should be taken only after subjecting it to a thorough debate to establish its validity (75). It is only through such a debate that people will be able to appreciate and understand the objections that have been raised against the truth (Mill 75).

Locke, on his part, stresses on the importance of the existence of communities for the common good of all people (29). He likens this to the democracy of individual governments toward the commonwealth. Individual governments are expected to preserve the society as their first rule. Likewise, it is important for bodies, governments, and other regional organizations to first focus on the ways of finding the solutions to the air pollution tragedy which is a common problem of all nations (Locke 29). This argument tends to dispute Mills’ position in the sense that it calls for joint cooperation in solving a common problem as opposed to his opinion of a first examination of the solution.

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