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Free «Resource Allocation» Essay Sample

Resource allocation is the process of assigning limited resources within the organization or department in the possible economical way. In regards to resource allocation, each unit within the organization can be catered for appropriately using the available limited resources. It involves the scheduling of activities and the respective resources that are required to perform such activities while taking into consideration the availability of resources in the organization.

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I would follow the process of prioritization in order to ensure that the limited materials, human and technological resources are effectively allocated within the school. Firstly, I will identify all the areas within the school that need different resources urgently. This will be achieved through the conduction of a survey around the school in order to map the different areas. Secondly, I would match the areas with the key resources that are needed to achieve the set objectives. The identification of the areas with the exact resources that they need would be effective in ensuring that they get such resources before other areas that may not be in urgent need. Thirdly, I would determine the amount or level of each resource available in the school. This will help prioritize the amount of resources to be dedicated to the different areas of need. Lastly, I would allocate resources according to the different areas of need within the organization putting emphasis on the areas that are in urgent need of such resources.

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In the process of trying to set priorities, I would consider several sets of data. Firstly, I would scrutinize data relating to the amounts of different resources within the organization. It would be essential to measure all the limited resources that are available within the organization as this will help in the elimination of surprises within the school. Secondly, I would scrutinize data relating to the size and the activities that take place in different departments within the school. Effective scrutiny of such data would help in understanding of the areas that are in urgent need of data within the organization. It would also help in scheduling of different areas within the organization in line with their resources. Lastly, I would scrutinize data relating to the nature of work in the different departments. Those that involve long labor hours will get more human resources while those that involve operations using machines would mostly require technology.

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One of the key comparisons that I would make between the initiatives is the kind of activities. I will compare the key activities taking place in different initiatives in order to allocate resources according to the activity undertaken. For example, those initiatives that utilize labor would get human resources and those that do not use such resources would not get it. More so, those that involve the use of technological aspects would get technological resources and those that do not involve the use of technology will not get such resources. Another comparison is the cost of each initiative. For example, those initiatives that involve fewer costs will get access to resources and those that involve immense costs will not receive resources.

I would justify this decision with the assertion that the school needs to use all the resources in the most economical manner possible. Therefore, it would be effective to prioritize the allocation of resources to the most economical areas first before the allocation of resources to the most expensive areas. I would also justify my decision with the assertion that each initiative must only be allocating resources that would facilitate effective performance. Those that do not utilize some of the resources should not be allocating such resources.


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