Free «Causes and Effects of Cheating» Essay Sample

Cheating at schools is something that confuses many people, because they cannot understand why students cheat in exams even when they have enough time for preparation. However, there are various reasons for students cheating, f or example, the desire for good grades, the peer pressure and lack of self-respect. However, it should be noted that cheating has dire effects on students. The main one is failing in exams. Moreover, the person who cheats ceases studying at all. Thus, this essay explicates the causes and effects of cheating.

Firstly, exams are held to test the intellectual capacity of students. Since every student wants to be deemed as an educated person, some of them start cheating in exams. Mostly those students who do not use their study time properly are the ones who cheat. They realize that exams are coming, but they have done little or no preparation, so they need to find the way out. And the easiest one is cheating.

Secondly, the desire for good grades motivates students to cheat. Many people usually want to see how a student performs in his exams after the end of every academic year. This fact makes pressure on students especially those who do not prepare well for exams.

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The peer pressure is also one of the main reasons of cheating in exams. Researches show that some students suffer from identity crisis, which rouses the desire to identify with a certain group of students. Therefore, they follow the group’s ideology to become its part. Thus, some students cheat in exams because their friends do that.

Thirdly, lack of self-respect is also a reason for students’ cheating. Pupils with high self-esteem usually understand why they attend school and they strive to use their time productively and when exams come, they are prepared. However, students with low self-esteem do not take their studies seriously. Therefore when exam time approaches, they feel the pressure to appear smart like the students who prepared for their exams. This explains why they start cheating in exams.

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The main consequence of cheating is that a student fails in his exams. In some instances, the student can copy from a friend who also does not prepare well. In top of that, a student starts feeling horrible because of cheating. Even when a student sits next to a person who studies hard and gets good grades by cheating, he feels horrible eventually because he knows that he does not deserve the marks put. Another consequence is the fact that a student does not learn anything. The main purpose of exams is to indicate how much a student has gained during the study period. Thus, when a student cheats in exams, he might pass well but, in fact, the student’s knowledge does not reflect what the student has scored in exams.

In conclusion, this essay has expounded various reasons that make students cheat. These reasons include lack of self-respect, need for proving ones’ intellect, peer pressure and the desire for good grades. However, it has been established that cheating has dire consequences for students. These include the fact that the student might fail exams or be spotted by the examiner, what might result in expulsion. The student also does not want to learn anything, while cheating. All things considered, it should be noted, that cheating is a bad way to pass exams. One should work hard to achieve good results.


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