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The environment makes it difficult to practice effective communication skills in places where there is prejudgment. In such situation individuals presume that they already understand the information that is being passed across. However, they do not adhere to proper listening skills because of the assumption that they have a pre-emptive of the information that is being passed across. The quality of listening is undermined under the environment where individuals assume to already understand the topic that is being discussed. Listening is affected as such individuals indulge in other negative practices such as noise making that affect significant listening skills. More so, the environment affects proper listening skills in places where the message is complex. A complex message is the one that could have been communicated in a language that cannot be understood easily. In places where there are complex messages, individuals find it difficult to comprehend such messages and draw meaning out of it. Thus, that effective communication would not be completed, and the process of listening would not be fulfilled as required. Therefore, individuals are likely not to act on the message that is communicated because of the lack of effective listening skills to complex message. Another case when the environment limits effective communication is when the message is overloaded. Message overload occurs in places where the information that is being passed across is excessively concentrated. The brains of individuals are immensely affected by the overloaded messages and lose their concentration levels. Thus, it affects proper listening skills that are supposed to be observed by individuals.

Effective listening skills would be observed in situations where applications are properly used. For instance, proper listening skills would be observed in cases where laptops are turned off during the process of listening, phones are put in silent mode or switched off, and notifications for messages and emails are moderated. In such cases there would be effective listening among individuals. In addition, proper communication skills would be enhanced in environments where there is no noise. Individuals are supposed to ensure that they listen to the person passing across vital information without talking to each other. A quiet environment presents individuals with the opportunity to listen effectively as there are no distractions hampering their attention towards the speakers. Another environment where proper listening skills are observed is when there is clear communication of the message. Individuals are required to communicate in a manner that is clear and enhances understandability among individuals. People would be eager to listen to messages that are being passed across in languages and manner that they are able to understand easily. Clear communication boosts concentration and ensures that proper communication skills are effective observed in the communication environment.

Both of these environments have communication channels. The messages that are supposed to be passed across to listeners are communicated via the set communication channels in accordance with the environment and the number of people. For instance, there could be loud speakers or phones that enhance communication among individuals. These channels of communication are always geared towards ensuring that people communicate and listen effectively. On the contrast, the environment that leads to poor listening skills among individuals involves little or no feedback. In such environments, individuals are not able to listen effectively and are not able to deliver the results that are envisaged by the communicators. Those environments that foster proper listening skills ensure that there is effective feedback. In such environments, individuals pass messages that are properly listened to, hence fostering the transmission of effective feedback.


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