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Globalization of the society is taking its toll on the world at an exceptional rate. Numerous books address globalization issues and how the emerging technology has made the world free for all. The playing field has been made fair and plane for both the developed and the developing countries of the world. Nonetheless, there are other areas where prejudice is still a problem that affects many people. New players globally have entered into the competitive market, which was originally dominated by the European countries and America.

Discrimination is one of the practices and occurrences in the American society that tends make people doubt the level of the proclaimed and acclaimed democracy. So intense has been the racial discrimination that has seen serious maltreatment and negative consideration of the Blacks. In bid to offer explicit and in-depth information regarding the practices, this paper will discuss racial discrimination as whole especially as practiced against the Blacks. People are secretly categorized by all of our features from the color of our skin to the texture of our hair. From history we know that black people specifically have been scrutinized just by their appearance. People make these quick assumptions of blacks because of what they see in the media. Many times all black men get categorized as being robbers. Where is the line drawn? We get so caught up in that one characteristic that we don’t realize, not only the racial profiling aspect, but also that there are different types of black people. It is therefore vital to ensure that everyone has the same prospect and that no individual or country has advantage over the others



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Discrimination is by no means a new phenomenon within the old and current American societies. In fact, discrimination has threatened to dissociate and crumble the unity enjoyed through the amalgamation of the many states to form one strong body recognized as the United States. American society faces various types of discrimination ranging from race, sex, gender, religion to social class among others. The worst of all has been racial discrimination that has had blacks as the main victims of vice committed by the whites. Racial discrimination against the blacks has very a deep historical background that dates back before the acquisition of the American independence. In fact, it was one of the issues listed by the Founding Fathers of the country as the probable impendence towards the country’s future development. In spite of the various measures set to address racial discrimination, it has continued to exist. Racial discrimination has seen blacks being associated to almost every misfortune and mishaps considered social and legal problems in the country. Such social and legal misfortunes includes criminality, drug trafficking, smuggling and abuse, violence, children neglect and disobedience to law among others.

The Different Shade of the Blacks around Globalization

Welch (2007) discloses that the blacks live in the American society labeled as staunch criminals. In his research, Welch (2007) intends to determine what measures could be employed to salvage this situation. To ensure success of his research, Welch (2007) employed random sampling as the appropriate research method to dig out the main ideas and concepts as they are within the Canadian society. The process also involved an extensive use of questionnaires, interviews and observations of events taking place in the American community to the detriment of the blacks. As a part of the research findings, Welch (2007) found that most whites associated blacks with every kind and occurrence of crime in the American society. The findings indicate that the blacks have been stereotyped with criminal activities to an extent that judicial system that holds the responsibility of protecting every individual passes judgment based on stereotype. The question that remains unanswered is whether the war on racism will ever be achieved successfully in the coming generations?

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As indicated by Rome (2004), American society has continued to stereotype young blacks with criminal activities. Every time the whites see the blacks, they only think of criminals. Crime has been made synonymous and turned as an identity of the blacks. Unsuccessful measures have been strategized to protect the blacks from this vast discrimination and racial profiling by the whites in the American society. Though the whites have accounted for greatest percentage of criminal activities in the American society, the fact has been assumed and instead immense blames have been directed on the blacks who constitute the least percentage of criminals.

The blacks in the American society have been regarded as aggressive and violent, and this stereotype has been linked to increased arrests of the blacks found around criminal scenes even if they were innocent. Welch (2007) unveils that large numbers of crimes are performed by the whites, but the blacks are the ones who face largest arrests. Furthermore, the blacks have been regarded as big drug traffickers as well as the worst users of drugs. This fact is held among the American society even at the moments when the whites consume and trade in large quantities of the illegal drugs.

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The mode of punishing a black criminal is often very unbearable and court judgment may at times pass without thorough scrutiny of the black’s evidence (Welch, 2007). The black stereotyping in the American society has also been increased by media that have been keen to report negative information regarding the blacks. According to Davis (2001), media has continually presented the blacks in a more threatening form than the whites. It has also been a common occurrence within the American society where the whites commit murder and then make reports to the police linking the blacks to the offence. This kind of stereotype and discrimination of the blacks will spark unending conflict and abuse of human rights in the American society. Ending racism and black stereotyping in the American society will remain to be a nightmare due to the increased media focus and hoaxing of the blacks.

Stereotyping and negative views and consideration of the blacks have manifested even in the governmental appointments where the whites have reportedly accused appointments of the blacks into the top positions. One such case occurred during the regime of President George W. Bush when he appointed Condoleezza Rice (a black American) as the National Security Advisor. President Bush did this in good faith and in demonstration of his desire to attain equality in the lives of all Americans. In fact, the position in which Rise was appointed is among very influential and powerful posts in the American governance (Jones, 2006). Discouragingly, a certain section of the American political icons stood to oppose the appointment of Rice terming her policies and proposal as based on conservatism of the black traditions. It is also imperative to consider the highlighted events in Florida where the Government Jeb Bush set strict measures to tackle racism against the blacks. From a socialist point of view, this was in fact one of the best moves by the government to tackle the wide spread racism in the American society (Jones, 2006). To what could appear as an unexpected surprise to socialists, the white Americans in Florida failed to vote for George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election citing that his brother imposed bad antiracism policies against them.

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It is worth admitting that successive governments of America have tried to deal with the negative view of the blacks but with little and sometimes no success. The strategies used or employed towards achieving the mission have fallen short of the real expectations. The strategies have themselves failed to produce the intended results or have faced hot opposition from sections of the society. For example, the formation of the National Committee on Race by President Bill Clinton protracted a good move towards reconciling racial differences in the country. However, due to the seeming lack of focus and determination of the committee in full implementation of its goals, it began its work in a wrong manner by failing to face reality and suppress white race off all its weapons of racism. Instead, the National Committee on Race opted to focus on African Americans by encouraging that they should uphold their cultures and did not need to abandon their practices to become Americans (Davis, 2001). The actual racism was and is spurred by the white race that wants to present itself as very superior to the black counterpart. 

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Social classification has been another tool used by the whites in the American societies to practice impunity against the blacks. Social classification has seen the blacks being regarded as poor and synonymous with the lower social class as the whites remain to be rich and placed on the higher social class that enjoy economic stability. According to Jones (2006), the American society stereotype the blacks as poor and languishing in lower social classes while viewing the whites as prosperous and living in the higher social classes. The whites within the American societies until today feel that the blacks have no right to own property and wealth. The whites regard the blacks as people without direction in life and thus incapable of making any significant wealth in the right way (Painter, 2006). The only way the blacks can acquire wealth and riches is through criminal activities like stealing and engaging in illegal trades. Following the attributions, it becomes clear that social classification has led to misconception and misrepresentation of facts since there are poor and impoverished whites just as some portions of the blacks. Not all blacks are poor and languish in the lower social class.

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In the contribution of Alexander (2010), white Americans hold on stereotyping the blacks as irresponsible and violent people. To achieve proper and reliable outcome, Alexander (2010) conducted a serious research that sought to answer many questions. The questions intended to determine if it is ever true, as claimed by the whites, that African American fathers are ever negligent of their families. Alexander (2010) also intended to determine the reasons why African Americans are the ones who face increasing cases of imprisonment. In addition, Alexander (2010) was interested to determine why African Americans constituted the highest number of individuals charged with cases of drug trafficking and abuse. In the research, Alexander (2010) employed questionnaire, interview and observation techniques of data collection. The findings of the research indicated that a large number of American population stereotypes African American fathers as negligent and the ones who do not take care of their families. In addition, the research indicates that the blacks have been considered as constituting the largest population of drug traffickers and users.

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According to Alexander (2010), stereotypes became even momentous when the presidential candidate Barrack Obama talked about the tendency of fathers failing to perform their fatherhood roles to their families. Many white people ignored his speech as the one directed specifically to the blacks who had been stereotyped to run away from their families. Some whites even went extra miles to criticize Barrack Obama for his speech. Even though black families did not have fathers, the absence was linked to the increasing arrest of the blacks who did not commit any evils. The blacks have been also stereotyped as drug addicts and smugglers, a belief that has increased group incarceration among the blacks (Davis, 2001). The police have conducted persistent arrests of the blacks even without substantial evidence linking the particular to the alleged crime. Such stereotypes have serious impacts on the American community as individual blacks live in uncertainties as they can find themselves in jails more easily.   

Apart from the American society, stereotypes against Blacks also manifests in the European Continent. Since majority of native inhabitants of Europe are whites, black prejudices as been manifesting just as happens in America. Whites in Europe continually view and perceive Blacks as lazy people who only want to feast on readily prepared things (Peffley, Hurwitz & Sniderman, 1997). The laziness perceived of Blacks by Whites in Europe also extends to be an explanation used by the Whites in describing the uncreative nature of the Blacks. Whites in Europe also view and perceive Blacks as people of high indiscipline, and who lacks proper etiquette. This perception has been used by most Europeans to explain rudeness and ruthlessness of Blacks across the world. Moreover, Europeans who are typically belonging to the white race understands Blacks as aggressive, violent and irresponsible.

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Japanese also have their own understanding of the Blacks that is not very different from Europe and America. According to Kuori (2012), Japanese considers Blacks as silly people with black skins. Japanese also considers Blacks as funny and dangerous, strong and also lazy. In the demonstration of Kuori (2012), these perceptions about Blacks by Japanese attributes to their behaviors when appearing in televisions shows. According to Kuori (2012), in most cases of appearing in television shows, Blacks acted in silly ways and sounded funny as they do not well understand the Japanese language.


The blacks have lived in America under intense fear and mistrusts with the whites. The reasons for fear and mistrusts mainly attribute to the widespread discrimination of the blacks in almost every American environment dominated by the whites. Discrimination existed for a long time and was practiced against young, female, male and old blacks. The blacks are only comfortable in their homes or within states of their domination. The whites see and consider the blacks negatively to the level of labeling, stereotyping, segregating and even opposing various efforts by government officials and agencies to better situations within the American society. The whites view the blacks as criminal and violent members of the society who do not befit in the elite American society. The whites consider the blacks as serious and merciless killers who can easily terminate human’s life without giving a thought to its sacredness. In spite of the fact that drug smuggling and substance abuse are detrimental factors affecting the entire American society, the whites strongly attribute the vices to the blacks. They view the Caribbean blacks as serious smugglers of hard drugs into the US economy even when some whites participate and benefit from the practice. Moreover, the whites view black male parents as irresponsible and negligent of their families to an extent of refuting calls by President Obama to parents to exercise responsiveness to their families.


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