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Alejandro Amenábar’s 2009 movie, Agora is a poignant and finger pointing movie about Hypatia of Alexandria. It is a movie that is full of puzzles, that troubles neither their own scholar lethargy nor that of the viewers. It is a story of three young students who crush on their science teacher, Hypatia (Rachel Weisz). She is a learned philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and full of knowledge about physics. She meets numerous renowned men who fall in her trap since she is beautiful and brilliant. She is admired by Orestes (Oscar Isaac), who later becomes the regional governor and Davus (Max Mingela). The movie indicates that the Roman Empire is changing at an alarming rate in the Hypatia’s time and Christianity that was once not accepted, actually dominates the Empire.

As much as people admire Hypatia, something that taints the church; one of her students (Synesius) becomes a Christian bishop. Agora also hints on numerous instances where Christianity is viewed as evil. It is a movie that explores on Christianity versus science polemic. This is because pagan philosophers appear resentful, sadistic, and against Christianity, which is clear when Cyril shows detestation towards Hypatia. Finally, Hypatia is portrayed as a woman without any interest in romance.

Generally, Agora is a beautifully serene movie, full of tragic instances, unclear romance essentially and powerfully brought out in the guise of religious dark ages. It a moving testament that appears as a tribute of an extraordinary woman accompanied by merriment of coherent principles.                

Comparison of the lives of both Hypatia and Socrates

Hypatia and Socrates have very few things in common, though not so apparent. Hypatia was a fourth century intellectual with diverse knowledge on numerous areas such as physics, mathematics, and astronomy among others. She is a daughter of a philosopher, Theon who remarkably attained accolades in the field of science and literature. It is believed that Hypatia must have emulated some aspects of philosophy from the parent. She is popularly known as a pagan that attracts most men because of her beauty, brilliance and her extraordinary dignity. In fact, she is a woman that does not feel abashed to assemble with her male counterparts.

On the contrary, Socrates Scholasticus was a fifth century Christian author and a historian. She was not a pagan as some people may portend that Hypatia was in connection to her relations and conducts. Socrates was a staunch Christian. Many people consider Socrates as a historian who writes stories that turn controversial to the Hypatia’s demise.               

The death of both Hypatia and Socrates: Why did they both accept death?

The nature of Hypatia’s death is evidently motivated by other players. This is because the movie reveals that she engages in numerous interviews with Orestes, and later gets accused of having prevented Orestes from being reconciled to bishop. Some of the Christian population accuse Hypatia and drugs her from her carriage and taken to the church known as Caesareum. At the church, she is stripped and then murdered using tiles. After her body is torn to pieces, her mumbled limbs are transported to Cinaron and then burnt. On the other hand, Socrates’ death is full of numerous inaccuracies. Socrates’ immoral deeds cause his death just as a representative of other students such as Plato. It also similar to Hypatia’s death since it also shows or examines a philosopher’s move towards demise. Nonetheless, Socrates is stoic because he views death as an authentic kingdom that is far from life, but an ending to mortality. Socrates also teaches prior to his death and his gesture even when faced with death inspires many others.


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