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The National Football League can be defined as the highest level institution in charge of American football in the United States. Its headquarters are in Washington DC, which ensures that its services are provided at a central point that is easily accessible by most American football teams. Research reports indicate that it is the highest-ranked American Football League in the globe. It consists of 32 teams that compete for the highest trophies offered in the League. Research asserts that the strategic group of the National Football League can be divided into the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Davies (2011) indicates that the strategic group plays the key role in ensuring that necessary resources needed for competitive games are provided. Therefore, the strategic group works in line with one of Porter’s five element of the bargain of suppliers in the market. The group ensures that it supplies resources effectively to all teams participating in the National Football League. It always aims at ensuring that players get the best wages for their efforts to offer sporting services to the various teams across the country. Thus, this group is in charge of paying for all services it delivers to ensure the success of American football. It demands returns just like any supplier who wants a fair return on commodities supplied to the business. The demand for competitiveness in the League ensures that all teams are well prepared to participate in various challenging events that are organized countrywide. Therefore, different clubs across the country work in line with Porter’s element of the rivalry of competitors in the job market. Different teams compete with the aim of winning the titles presented hence ensuring that they fulfill the hopes of the strategic group. This spirit makes American football an attractive sport to watch across the country and the globe.

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The leader of the National Football League is Domonique Foxworth. Research indicates that the leadership style used in the organization is highly democratic. It always aims at ensuring that all stakeholders of the American football have a say in key matters affecting the sport in the country. The leadership style is democratic. It ensures that all players’ needs are taken into account in matters relating to their wages in different clubs that they play for. The leadership is open and upholds Porter’s element of the bargain of buyers by protecting the rights and wages of the players that represent different teams in the league. This leadership plays a significant role in ensuring that communication between members of American football industry is effective. This ensures that the league runs smoothly as the rights and wages of players are respected and paid in advance by all clubs. Thus, all parties acting as consumers in the market are satisfied. According to Melville (2001), leadership style is also democratic because the leaders are elected into the office through majority votes. No one is allowed to get into office via the means that do not satisfy the interests of all individuals. A democratic form of voting is adopted in order to present an effective opportunity for all parties willing to participate in the elections. During every election, there is always a threat of competition for the leadership, especially in cases where the leader has failed to perform according to the expectations of the individuals in the football arena. Freedom to vote for leaders who represent the National League has ensured transparency and accountability of all leaders that are chosen by people.

The key areas of management that need improvement include customer relationships, management of resources, representation of players, and negotiations relating to salaries of different employees in participating clubs. Research indicates that most of the resources that are offered by sponsors aimed at the development of American football are always misused. Management plays a big role in misusing substantial resources that could have transformed American football ensuring that it is more competitive across the globe. Numerous cases of corruption in football have been reported, and they all emanated from the management.

I believe that members of the management need to change their attitudes and work with required levels of integrity while managing American football. This will promote exponential growth and acceptability of American football in the country and across the globe. More so, management should change the attitude of handling clients. Research indicates that most clients visiting the National League offices have been made to wait for a long time before the required services were provided to them. This has led to the loss of respect that some clients had for the company. This is where Porter’s element of threat of substitute products comes in. Most of the clients who were unsatisfied with the National League opt for alternatives that would adequately satisfy them instead of wasting their energy. The management should also provide opportunities for the adequate representation of players in the affairs of the entire tournament. Masteralexis, Barr, & Hums (2011) assert that this will ensure that it is accepted in the course of delivering its services across the country. People across the country would respect the management hence proving that it works effectively.

Numerous other issues could affect the National League. For instance, I believe that it would be significant if the National League considered electing permanent sports representatives from all participating teams and ensure that they are given the chance to voice their concerns and problems to the top-management. Research indicates that it is always difficult for most of the individuals to reach management in order to address various issues. Communication channels should be open to all these individuals. This would ensure an effective flow of information in the organization. According to Ed Eck (2009) the National League averts any threats emanating from the emergence of other football organizations in America. This is because of loyalty and trust that is building among all the representatives. I believe that it would also be beneficial if all teams were given the opportunity to open branches that would help them raise funds from members of the public. It is understandable that most members of the public passionately love American football and would always want to contribute to its development. Research indicates that the love for American football can be proved by the fact that large crowds regularly attend football events across the country. More so, the management of the National League would also be more effective if all members interested in the office were screened and extensively tested. This would help to reduce the number of cases of corruption that lag organization’s goals to develop into a transparent institution. It would serve all clubs effectively in case it upholds high levels of integrity and accountability.


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