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Free «Development Project» Essay Sample

Project’s Name and Location

Technology has taken over in almost all operations in the world. Therefore, there is a need to focus on projects that will facilitate its adoption in various sectors of the economy. This paper will focus on a project named Telecommunications and ICT Development. The project will be located in Latin America and the Caribbean.

ICTs involved in the Project

This project will involve several ICT developments in Latin America and the Caribbean region. They include provision of broadband internet to Dominica publics, creation of community access points, installation and maintenance of VHF systems in St. Vincent and the installation of network for ST. KITTS government as well as Nevis education network.

Source of Funding

The cost of this project is estimated at $ 2.70. There are two sources of financing for this project, i.e. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International development Association (IDA). These financiers will share the total cost equally.



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Development goals and their sustainability

The Telecommunication and ICT project will focus of various developmental goals. One of the goals is to improve access across the region. This will help promote access to ICT services in this underserved region. The second goal of this project is to improve quality and usage of ICT throughout the region. This will facilitate the achievement of socio-economic development in the target region. To improve quality, the project will have to install the necessary ICT facilities in the region such as the internet broadband and other applications. To enhance usage, the project seeks to educate and sensitize the public on the positive impacts associated with ICT. The other development goal of this project is to pilot some sub-projects that will fuel its success. This will be facilitated by creation of Universal Service Funds (USF) that will be used for these sub-projects. The overall goal of this project aims to enhance sustainability in the region. This is by facilitating efficiency, timeliness and effectiveness of operations thus conserving human energy, time as well as resources.

Design elements that will foster development

One of the design elements of this project is planning. The plan of this project was well developed to incorporate all the desired outcomes. It involved the organization of manpower, forecast and a detailed analysis of the financial obligations of the project. Identifying the needed resources is another design element of this project. This was done immediately after planning to meet the financial and material obligations of the project. The third design element is identifying the project supervision. This involved duty assignments to qualified personnel who would monitor and evaluate the progress of the project.

Assessment, Chances of Success and Project Design

The Telecommunication and ICT development project will be assessed using a designed framework of objective indicators. Every development or progress will be compared with the targets set on a particular timeline. This will help identify the loopholes and areas that need improvement. Corrective actions will be applied to bring back the project on track in case of variance. The project’s chances of success are high. This is because planning, monitoring and assessment are done professionally. Also, the world is at its peak in terms of ICT adoption and implementation. The education and sensitization initiative undertaken by the project will help convince the people in the region to embrace technology. Therefore, the region will be more than willing to liaise with the project coordinators to facilitate its success. The project is professionally designed to enhance cultural, economic and regional development. In addition, it will improve the standards of living as manual operations will be replaced by digital ones.


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