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Free «Seeing Sex II: Real Sex, Public Sex, Queer Sex» Essay Sample

What are the social and political implications of exploring sex acts and identities visually?

The implication that is explicated socially and politically especially in movies fro Europe and France seem to behave in a way of carnal provocation, the border in this context was surely a shortbus, rarer creation if at all it had emerged from the same country whose very ramparts which had of late been rocked by the fleeting apparition of the movie (Carlson, J, 2009).

Sex acts are a firm foundation of nurturing rich and new relationships not only in theory form but mainly in the sensations of sexuality, community and visuality. The fact in these movies is the fact that such acts are known to be very powerful in the ambivalent concerning idealization with the notions that are witnessed in other acts and also within the cultural spheres.

In the early 90s, audacious mean for Anglophone audience were undertaken by the projects from the New Queer Cinema. In a vet imbrications sexual courage, and sexual titillation with a reflection (Johnson, 2005).



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What constitutes public sex, simulated sex and sexual citizenship?

Public sex is constituted by the fact that sex is being publicized. The culture is slowly developed that embraces sexuality in the community, afterwards the newly formed community will definitely grow to an extent where they will demand their rights to be respected. It is from this point they will prefer public (Mashek, 2004).

The medium is yet another factor that constitute to public sex. The media such as TVs, iTunes and Netflix has contributed to the publication of sex (Fischer, 2004).

The issue on the motion of filmmaking that seems distinct though is popular to the sexual acts. Finally, the simulated sex is constituted by the making of films that are aimed at simulating any kind of object (Howe, 2011).

How does the film speak to other images of relationships and sexuality in films you can think of?

A film expresses stability in relationships after they are viewed. New relationships can also find such films to be more important as it try to nurture it. The films also make the cultures of specific cultures to be firm. A community can be made strong through such films as it will bring about love and intimacy within a community.

Do aspects of postmodern identity complicate both representation and the act of looking?

Equally, an enhanced capacity for personal relationships cannot be seen as a simple extension or increase in the number and diversity of effective acts of communication, for such an extension would soon reach a point where it would overwhelm anyone. This is the case, moreover, because every individual action depends on innumerable others, the function of which others not guaranteed by certain personality characteristics that can be known to the person who has to rely on them. Never before exhibited has a society exhibited such improbable, contingent dependencies.


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