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An evaluation was done on two books so as to help teachers evaluate the readability level of their students. From the evaluation exercise, the results were done in two books; the first textbook was a civics textbook for 9th graders that was conducted at East Coweta High School. The Civics text book showed that for the first 100 word passage, it composed of 8 sentences and 124 syllables. A second passage from the same civics textbook was conducted and revealed that a 100 word passage had 7 sentences and 120 syllables. Finally was a 100 word passage that had 8 sentences and 117 syllables. In further analyzing the civic textbook, the mean from the three results were done and the results were 8 sentences for every 100 words and 124 syllables. In assessing the results basing on the Frye readability chart, it showed that the Civics text book was supposed to be for 4th graders.

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Secondly was done on a Biology textbook that belonged to the 9th graders at East Coweta High school. The results were as follows; the first 8 sentences were comprised of a 100 word with 140 syllables. The second results were that for a 100 word passage, it had 7 sentences and 130 syllables. Lastly of this textbook was a 100 word passage made up of 7 sentences and 145 syllables. In further analyzing Biology textbook for 9th graders, its average was 7.3 sentences for every 100 words with syllables revolving around 120.3. In assessing the results basing on the Frye readability chart, it showed that the Biology text book was supposed to be for 7th graders.

In this case a fry formulae was applied on a civic and biology textbook of grade nine. The number of sentences for every first, second and third 100 words of the respective books were counted and the syllables number also was tallied. The sentences and the syllabus number were then calculated. The average of eight sentences for every 100 words on the civics book was found and seven point three words on every 100 word on the biology book. The publisher had placed both of the books on the same ninth grade, but outcome placed the civic book on the fourth grade and the biology book on the seventh grade respectively.

It was easy for the ninth grade student to read the civic book which was meant for the fourth grade student as by the test. The biology book was not very difficult for him either which was tested to be for the seventh grade reader. It’s evident that there are some controversies on Fry test and the publishers’ reasoning. Most of the students passed the civic paper with extremely high grades. The selected level of the biology book was almost close to publishers grading, but for the civic book the level was a bit far from the average which was place to readability level of grade four.

Teachers need to be aware of such books that makes it too easy for the students to pass the exams, which won’t be good in improving the students capacity of the thinking .Adjustments need to be made in order for the students to be challenged towards improving there knowledge.


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