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In advertising, different creative advertising appeals are used in order to influence the way consumers view themselves. These strategies are used to obtain consumer attention and provoke them to purchase a specific product which is said to be beneficial for them. Advertisers mostly use different ways of thinking in order to create catchy slogans that would capture consumers’ attention. These creative strategies are aimed at promoting publicity, personal selling, public relations and sales promotion. Advertising appeals are designed in such a way that they create a positive image to an individual.

The messages which are conveyed through advertising appeals influence the customers’ purchasing decisions. The most common types of advertising appeals are the emotional and the rational appeal. The rational appeals are often effective for the youth while the emotional appeals works wells for the products directed towards old peoples. Emotional appeal is mostly related to the psychological and social needs of an individual for purchasing a particular product or a service. An individual is emotionally driven and motivated to make a purchase. In this kind of advertising appeal, advertisers aim on the emotions of an individual.

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Another kind of advertising appeal is the fear appeal. As a matter of fact, fear has an incredible influence on an individual. Fear is particularly used in marketing and advertising of health and beauty products including insurance. Researchers have found out that a moderate level of fear in advertising is effective in influencing someone’s decision.

Rational appeal focuses on an individual’s utilitarian, functional or practical needs for a particular service or a product. Such an appeal emphasizes on particular features and characteristics of products and services and their benefit to the consumers. Some appeals such as sexual appeals raise the curiosity of audience resulting in strong feelings about the advertisement.

Advertisers use appealing images to manipulate and link their product with an enhanced version of reality. They often replace the old images with more seductive ones, arguably with an aim of influencing the consumers’ buying habits. In advertising, they often sell fantasy by using a range of visual cues that can be quickly and easily recognized by the consumers. In order to reinforce the brand image to the consumers, advertisers use repetitive advertisement. A number of research questions have been posed addressed, concerning repeated advertising. How many times or often should consumers be exposed to a certain brand before the brand attributes and the brand name becomes encoded and stored in their memory so that it is available for retrieval? At what point during an advertising campaign will potential buyers form opinions about a particular brand that influences their future purchasing decisions? For the success of an advertisement campaign, it is important to know the point at which the consumers grow tired of seeing and hearing repeated ads for the same product.

Ad creators must be aware of the reaction of their audience on the use of a particular advertisement appeal. Advertisement appeals are the most effective way of influencing customers’ decision; however, some advertising appeals can have a boomerang effect if not used carefully. They can interfere with the actual message and purpose of the advertisement causing low brand recall.


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