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Free «Importance of History» Essay Sample


History is just as significant as the present and the future. It is very important to understand it even though a generation has left it in the past. Historical experiences occupy vital positions as sources to which people can make reference and which enhance learning. History is largely the study of the past that is true and significant.

History Provides Information on People’s Behaviors

To begin with, history enables us to understand the brilliance, the impacts of technological modernism, and the role that culture plays in molding family life. Secondly, it helps scientists introduce laws and theories on human behaviors using historical information. Thirdly, one is able to understand main aspects of a community’s operation such as military alliances, group elections, and missionary activities using the information from the past. Finally, history provides the extensive evidential foundation for the study of how communities operate and behave.

History Contributes to Understanding Change in the Community

In the first place, the past determines the present and the prospect. By studying history, one can understand how societies change, what caused the change, and the fundamentals of a society despite the change. Additionally, history provides extensive materials to study human conditions. It also focuses attention on the difficult processes of social change and factors causing change around us today.



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The Significance of History to our Day-to-Day Lives

As an art, history has an effect on the sense of beauty and on the standard of human perception. The well told stories disclose how individuals have essentially functioned in the societies; they have also timely opinions regarding the people’s experiences in other period and places. The similar humanistic and aesthetic goals encourage people to reconstruct remote past. On the other hand, history helps the general reading public to realize the importance of dramatic and skillful writing as well as accuracy. To conclude with, history creates pleasure and sense of beauty in peoples’ lives and the community as a whole.

History Promotes Ethical Understanding

The stories of people and times in the past help a history student to examine his/her own ethical sense. Consequently, individuals who comprise of tough adversity in actual historical situation provide motivation to the society at large. A study of great people and certifiable heroes of the past who productively worked throughout ethical dilemmas gives lessons of diligence, courage, and beneficial remonstration.

History Helps in Identification

Historical data provide proof about how groups, families, institutions, and nations were created and evolved while retaining consistency. Additionally, it provides the truth concerning genealogy of how the families interacted with a greater past changes. Hence, the peoples’ identity is recognized and long-established. Finally, histories that reveal the countrywide story are intended to provide an understanding of an assurance of national loyalty and national values.

History Promotes Excellent Citizenship

History is the basis for proper citizenship takings in the past. Secondly, it gives information on the surfacing of country’s institutions, values, and problems. Further, it provides proof about how countries have related with other communities thereby creating global relationship necessary for conscientious citizenship. Nevertheless, it helps one analyze how current and future changes that influence peoples’ lives are emerging. Finally, it encourages conducts of wits that are important for liable community habits.

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History Creates Employment Opportunities

The study of history helps create excellent businesspeople, political leaders, and professionals. The professionals teach at different levels, wok in media centres and museums. Consequently, they make inquiries for businesses or civic agencies thereby earning a living from it.


By studying history, we can get an idea of how societies in the past were able to add to the modern world in terms of cultures, beliefs, government structures and so on. However, it should help us to appreciate our lives more making them harmonious. 


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