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In my humble opinion, women is the most vulnerable category of population in any given society. They encounter varied challenges throughout their entire life. This is because the mechanisms that only cater for men’s welfare while neglecting the need for women’s well-being (Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood, 2011). Therefore, the war on women is real, and it strives to prevent women-oriented initiatives as far as their welfare is concerned.

The first kind of war that I have witnessed focuses on women’s health. Republicans have been witnessed voting 165 times to oppose health and environmental initiatives that tend to safeguard pregnant women and small children against toxic pollution of air. They repealed health care reforms that helped stop companies’ tendency of increasing insurance premiums on women. War on economic security of women is also in progress. This is evident in the job market where since the 2009 recovery, women have lost over 150,000 jobs while men have secured 1.3 million jobs (Carlson, 2012). Republicans have mercilessly blocked job bills, which fight for women’s employment as teachers and nurses. Generally speaking, 78% of K-12 teacher categories are women.

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I cannot forgo the war on reproductive freedom and retirement security in women’s case. Women are blocked from accessing reproductive health care by congress bills and state measures. Furthermore, the republicans are on course to end Medicare, which is intended to hurt women who happen to be poor seniors in the American economy.

I do not comprehend the reasons behind fighting to make women suffer. I believe that all of us were created equal, and we have similar access to life issues such as sickness, economic pressures, and happiness. Therefore, the war to curb women from accessing welfare services such as medication, to me, is inhuman and insensitive. It is something that must be changed, and to manage it, we must first agree that women are important in our society. The republicans should also realize that women are of value and their rights need to be upheld.

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