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Self evaluation

The reason for students enrolling in school is to excel both academically and socially. In the social context, people acquire moral values and valuable connections in life. Academically, students acquire knowledge in distinguished fields of study depending on their individual career choices. As far as am concerned, there is much to acquire in college and especially in a philosophy course. I have with no doubt achieved a wide knowledge of issues affecting our lives today.

Before enrolling to this course, I never knew that there was moral reasoning concerning assisted suicide and to me it was very unethical and inhuman. After passing through the course, this mentality has changed and logic has been presented to me with reasons why assisted suicide is allowed. This topic was interesting and students participated actively by presenting their views as the tutor analyzes them. However, the most helpful topic according to me was pornography, censorship and hate speech. This is because teenagers and young people in general engage in pornography whether physically or through watching erotic videos. Hate speech is also common in our social set-up and it even goes beyond to politicians as well as prominent activists.

Censorship has been presented as important as it permits only the socially acceptable information to be publicized. This topic gave me an understanding that pornography is not morally acceptable and has adverse effects. It leads to immorality such as adultery, fornication and abortion while under the same reasoning it leads to unusual behaviors such as masturbation and abortion. I was also made to understand that hate speech brings about hatred and conflicts that might lead to death and life long enmity.

Throughout my teenage life, I have made several friends who happen to be drug addicts.  In my humble opinion, there was no logic as to why someone could claim that he/she cannot do without a certain drug. I thought people used drugs for leisure and for fun. It was not until I went through the topic and got an insight that some drugs are addictive and once they get to someone’s blood, it becomes hard to do without them. The logic I got here is that it is better to avoid than to treat. People tend to use drugs for enjoyment and peer-influence with little knowledge that they can be addicted. Moreover, I learnt that some drugs are used for medication and following doctor’s prescription is vital.

Some situations I have come across in my life were brought to reality and especially in this course. Issues related to world hunger, economic justice, poverty and individual responsibility. I used to think that poverty and world hunger in general is brought by government’s ineffectiveness and lack of initiatives. However, this topic opened my eyes that it is more of a personal responsibility than government. If people became responsible enough, issues related to hunger and poverty would be studied in history.

Everything am doing in life is based on moral and social conduct. I have managed to form a peer group where we discuss issues relating to teenage and moral responsibility. The topics we discuss are similar to the ones I have learned in this course. They include abortion, pornography, drug abuse, hate speech and individual responsibility. The knowledge I use to run this group is from outcomes of this course. When it comes to written work, am very conscious on the words I use. This is because hate-speech can emerge from my work whether intentionally or unknowingly. Some words can be misunderstood while others are contradicting; therefore, it has been wise for me to avoid such words in all my writing work.


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