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Free «Animal rights» Essay Sample

Rights make it possible to live peacefully, trade, produce, and free from the threat of violence. Like humans, animals also have some rights. The animal rights were firstly developed by the Lewis Gompertz in 1824. According to him every living creature, human and non-human, has more right to the use of its own body than anyone else has to use it, and that our duty to promote happiness applies equally to all beings (Simons, 2002).

In today’s society, the animals are suffering a lot. Due to which the issues of animal rights have been increased which include wildlife, hunting, vivisection, dissection and etc. The animals are being used for finding the cures of various diseases such as AIDS, cancer and other deadly diseases. The animals are using for medical research and observation purposes. Not only this, they are also been slaughtering for food or clothing. There are two groups regarding to this issue. The activisms consider that killing animals for saving human lives is right while the extremists think that harming or killing the animals for saving humans is not right from any perspective as they are also the living creatures. The power of man has suffered animals to a great extent and makes a call to mercy for animals (Scully, 2003). The animals, which are unable to show their pain to humans demands that they must be protected and considered as a living being. They serve as in many ways like in food, clothing, and protection from thieves.

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People make leather from the animal’s skin. The authors claim that the animal testing is a necessary evil. According to them, animals should be considered as legal persons, members of the moral community, not one’s property. They should not be used as food, clothing, research subjects, or entertainment as they also have rights of enjoying their lives. It is also evident from the views of PETA, according to which the basic principle of animal rights is: "animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment." To abide by this principle, one must leave animals free—to overrun and destroy our property, to eat our food, even to kill our children.” It has been estimated that the animal rights terrorists commit more than 1,000 crimes annually (Bronner, 2008). Some leaders are openly in favor of these crimes as they say that the crimes which are used for the human causes are acceptable.

The ways in which animals are treated by humans shows the cruelty and violated nature of the humans. Their nature greatly influences the animal rights which are morally wrong. Humans have assaulted the independency of animals. They give the pain to the animals which are against the religious and ethical values of any society. They usually satisfy them by saying that while doing do they have contributed to the human’s life. It does not matter that if one has contributed to human life is right, the thing which matters is that whether that contribution have violated the someone’s rights or not.

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The harmful treatments with the animals should be condemned as they are ethically wrong. Not only the treatment but also the torturing of animals is against the ethical values. The ethical values include the care and love for animals. They show that the animals should not be abused. They should not be the subject of anyone’s cruelty. But the current issues regarding the treatment of animals and their rights have created a serious problem for the world. The people are taking the wrong advantage of the great creature, the animals. Scientists are using various animals for medical research which is terrible because it causes pain those animals and many times permanent damage. The animals are used to provide the humans with the meat, milk and different kinds of other food. To use them for these purposes is justified but while using them for these purposes one must not use them in a cruel way such as use of electric prods should be prohibited. The animals should be slaughtered in that ways by which our religion teaches us. They can be used in experimentation and medical advancement but they should not be treatment in any cruel manner. They should be treated with the least painful and curable methods.

In addition to the ethical values, humans place so many of their own thoughts and emotions on to animals. They adopt them and bring them to their houses. Due to which they develop a significant affection with their pets. Animal lovers are always ready to do anything for saving the life of animals at any cost. According to them, hunting of animals should be illegal. The authors are in a view that the animal welfare standards should be developed and bring to a highest rank. According to them, the adaptive capacity of wild animals in zoos must not be compromised, nor did their functional capabilities allow atrophying (Bostock, 1993). They should be provided with the opportunity to reproduce. The animal protection ethics promote the animal’s quality of life.

On the other hand, human population is growing more day by day. Due to this reason their basic necessities including food, shelter and clothing are also increasing with a great number. All the animals are important for humans. But today, the ways in which are animals are being killing for several purposes are very dangerous. They have been using for the treatments of deadly diseases and than are exposed to death. This way of treatments with the animals should be stopped. It is quite logical that if the number of animals will be reduced or decreased by such a larger number than humans will directly or indirectly suffer a lot. If they will be killed very commonly and will not provided with their rights of living such as right to copulate, reproduce and enjoy the delights of being parents than the people will no longer have meat to eat.

They will have to rely on vegetable for eating purposes. They will require more vegetables, cereals and other plant food. In this way, the land would be clear very soon and bring a great loss to the agricultural production which will ultimately result in the great loss of country’s progress. Not only this, there will be ecological destruction (Brook and Epstein, 1996).

The authors are right in their views and their evidences are reasonable and reliable because the current treatment with the animals goes in favor of their views. Their evidences promote the idea that animal testing is a necessary evil. It is so because scientists do not take care of the life of animals while doing experiments. They use them and become the cause of their death. If the treat them in a caring and less painful manner than the ethical values will also promote their use of animals for medical research. Therefore, a nonviolent approach should be established in case of animals so that they can be protected from cruelty. They should be given justice and a right of living in their own ways. Their areas of living should be provided with a smooth and friendly environment. This is because the animals have a moral standing in our society. This is the only way by which animals will be granted by their rights.


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