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Free «Content of dead man’s pocket» Essay Sample

Content of Dead Man’s Pocket critically describes the two opposite frames of mind where one person can found himself. The story revolves around Tom and the way he controlled his attitudes and his behaviors towards what he wanted most in life. Tom was very self centered person who was very ambitious and with no worries at all from his personal life, he always chose to work. He felt that anything coming in between his work and career is of no importance even if it was his wife who loved him very much. The story centers the conflicts which a man bears in his thoughts and the way he takes certain decisions accordingly.

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The conflicts play an important role in shaping the life of a man and here this happened to Tom.

The human nature of conflicts arises in most of the situations when someone has to choose from different things. The work and relationships work through the life but one getting above others can be very harmful. The story of Tom is way of his life towards the relations and works. The story moves as Tom is working for his office and his wife is going to watch a movie alone. At this time the conflict approached his mind on what to choose. Rather go with his wife to watch movie or work for the boss that will guarantee promotion and salary increase.

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According to his aims and objectives his wife meant nothing. He had finally decided to work when suddenly he found that the paper of work he was working on had flew of the window. He tried to save the paper by moving out of the window. After struggling in the matter of life and death he was got back into his apartment. The mind change of Tom happened took place when he was standing outside his window and realizing that what his life is all about. He imagined that if he could fall now, his body will not be identified apart from the contents of his pockets which have paper he was working on and some coins. He realized this point that his life means nothing at all. Even if he dies, he has no identity and what’s more his wife will never know the love and care he has for her. He certainly made up his mind to work differently.

When Tom survived this deadly encounter, he ran away to join his wife. He was very happy after all that he has taken the right decision by no becoming a puppet of either his boss or work and has more important duties to perform. He had realized that all his work or respect would have been of no use if he had blown off the window.

These conflicts are present in minds of all the humans at those times when they have to be more specific in their approach and their decision critically affects the whole surroundings. Tom on his way up also tried to ask help from others but with no response. This described Tom that he is like these persons because the persons he asked helped were so self-centered and selfish that they didn’t care who was dying.

The conflict thought process is the required piece of information that a person requires in order to become more decisive. It is these scenarios where one realizes their stand in position of life and the wrong choices they have been opting for.


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