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Free «Harassment» Essay Sample

Harassment is refers to the offensive behavior which is quite common at the work places. Harassment basically upsets or disturbs the victim in order to gain benefits in certain ways. Legal aspects of harassment state that any person should not be treated differently from others on the basis of sex, race and nationality. Recently the harassment has become a quite common issue as the high rank officials try to establish certain relations with their employees to provide promotions etc. which is not allowed at any cost.

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Harassment prevention training is the term that has been evolved over time where the employees are provided with certain tips on how to avoid these kinds of acts. Sexual harassment has emerged as the most effective type where the males and mostly females are subject to certain behaviors where they are made to involve in such actions. Harassment prevention training program is not targeted at certain workplaces, it is tailor made for all the offices where there has been an incident like this has taken place or not.

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Involving a harassment prevention training program in the budget can significantly minimize the chances of employees or the employer being involved. If there has been no issue like this previously, it cannot ascertain that it will not take place. Employees must know their rights and responsibilities and must take proper actions when they are felt they are being victimized. Females specially should know that they have a big role to play in all the circumstances. Sexual harassments victimized because they are thought to be weak and vulnerable to these situations.

By conducting a prevention training will provide a safe environment for the employees to work freely and with composure. All the big corporate organizations have these training programs in their budgets to let their employees know the actual cases which are considered as harassment. The reason of these is because many of the people are still unknown about the types of harassments and males specially feel that they cannot be a victim of harassment.

In these cases it should be made clear that males can be harassed in certain cases where they are teased illegally in their jobs by paying them less or working more than their official times without extra bonuses. More importantly, it is imperative that the businesses should involve these kinds of training programs where they should become accustomed with the harassments, it types and how they can prevent these situations.


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