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Criminal Behavior

The societies are changing quite drastically and this drastic change has resulted in different positive and negative effects on our behaviors. These behaviors effect our decisions in both the short and the long run. Although laws are considered to be quite stiff and firm in our societies but there are certain loop holes that is affecting the integrity of the criminal justice system.
One of the most prominent loop holes in our criminal justice system is the biasness towards individuals. The biasness is created on different grounds and one of the most prominent grounds is known as racism. The biasness usually exists on the basis of color and the difference of white and black is used in the decisions to decide who is guilty and who is not.
This biasness is creating prejudicial behavior in different races and it is negatively affecting the society. Different research reports clearly depicts that how racial biasness has affected the decisions of different judges. Past record suggests that in New York 9 out of 10 prisoners are minority (Johnson, 2007). The blacks in the western societies are arrested, incarcerated and convicted at higher rates than whites or any other ethnic or racial group. Therefore, it can be said that racial discrimination occurs in the society and it is not beneficial for the society because an element of distrust and hatred prevails in the society which harms the society in both short and the long run.
Individuals should collaborate with each other and with different non-governmental organizations to resolve this issue because this issue might produce negative results for our society and the legal system would be questioned.

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