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Casey Anthony was arrested on July 16, 2008 with charges of child neglect. This charge came after her mother, Cindy Anthony, reported that her granddaughter had been missing for over a month, without any reports made by Casey. Casey was locked up in the Orange County Jail. Then, July 22, 2008 in a bond hearing for Casey, detectives on this case revealed that strands of hair that were similar to that of Caylee’s were found in the trunk of the Anthony car (Cloud, 2011). In addition, cadaver dogs picked up the scent of human decomposition in the car. Though Casey was accused of the missing of her daughter, there was no solid evidence that could prove her as a convict. Hence, there were reasons to believe that she was overcharged (Alvarez, 2011). Casey’s bail was set at $500,000.

The real fact was that, Cindy Anthony, Casey’s Anthony mother, called 911 on July 15, 2008 reporting that she had a feeling that her granddaughter, Caylee, had been taken and was missing for over a month then (Garvin, 2011). Cindy told the operator that Caylee’s babysitter had taken her and refused to give her up. She also said: “There’s something wrong. I found my daughter’s car today, and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the car.” Cindy was so upset and outraged when telling the operator that she didn’t even remember when Caylee’s birthday wass and she also revealed that she had not seen her since June 7, 2008. The dispatcher asked Cindy to put her daughter on the phone to ask Casey a few questions on the matter. Casey told the dispatcher that Caylee had then been missing for 31 days and she was sure on who had her. She told the operator that the babysitter, who supposedly had Caylee, was Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

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Sometime back, Casey intended to give her daughter, Caylee, up for adoption, but her mother Cindy stood her ground to she keep her baby, even though the father didn’t know about her. One of Casey’s childhood friends, Kiomarie Torres Cruz said she thought Casey was bipolar and really did not have the “capabilities, especially psychologically, to raise, financially support, and care for a child. She was such a precious little girl and no one would have ever expected what would happen to her in the early years of her life”.

Caylee Anthony was thenpublicly known to be missing, with her last appearance on June 16, 2008, right after Father’s Day. Cindy Anthony claimed that Casey knew where little Caylee was, but she was too “afraid” to speak honestly with the police (Fleeman, 2012). With the news out on her disappearance, relativesset up pages on the internet to help find Caylee. A MySpace page was set up with information about Caylee and how to donate funds in the search for this little angel.

With the public eye involved in this disappearance case a that moment, a veteran bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla, offered to post Casey’s $500,000 bail, and so he did on August 21, 2008. However, in the latest arraignment hearing Jose Baez, Casey’s lawyer, told her about her charges and what she had to expect. She reacted with no sign of remorse and didn’t pronounce a single word. Then Casey was considered as a person concerned in her daughter’s disappearance (Ng, 2012). Casey held charges of child neglect and lying to authorities, as well as charges of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter (Waxman, 2011). According to this new evidence, Leonard Padilla withdrew his decision of posting Casey’s $500,000 bail.

The end of August 2008 revealed test results from a lab at the University of Tennessee indicating that there was a decomposing body in the trunk of the Anthony’s car. Also, in the previous DNA test the FBI showed a feasible match between Caylee and the hair found in Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire’s trunk (48 Hours Mystery, 2011). Meanwhile, Caylee appeared on the front cover of ‘People Magazine’ August 11, 2008 edition. Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Padilla told magazine reporters that at that time there was evidence proving that Caylee was dead and that investigators were watching the media coverage of the case to help somehow form a clearer picture of what may had happened to Caylee Anthony (Tauber, 2011). As long as there was no hard evidence to support the prosecution, Casey could not be charged of any conviction except child neglect.


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