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Free «Security and Custody Functions in Prison» Essay Sample


This document briefly describes eight key activities that are performed to ensure security and custody functions in prison. Following items are the list of activities with description.

  1. Inmates Classification:  this activity involves classification of prisoners based on their violence, crime and escape. This classification helps prison staffs to identify dangerous inmates and helps them in taking necessary security controls while managing them.
  2. Physical Security: the activity defines the necessity of classifying security levels as maximum, medium and minimum. Based on the classification appropriate security controls such as fencing, location, building, etc can be put in place.
  3. Security Policies and Procedures: this activity details the importance of implementing fundamental security policies and procedures to control inmate’s behavior.
  4. Inmates Accountability: the next important activity is managing the accountability of prison inmates. Since prisoners move within in prison during the day, it is important for the prison staff to ensure accountability of inmates every time.
  5. Control of Illegal Goods: the activity forbids the use of contraband items which inmates could use as weapons to escape or harm others.
  6. Disciplinary System: implementation of good disciplinary system and creating awareness is vital to make the inmates responsible for their actions.
  7. Segregation of Violent or Inmates at Danger: th activity is about segregating violent inmates or inmates at danger from others to protect them from each other.
  8. Controlling of Riot: This is the last but most important activity, as riot and disturbance is the most unsafe event that could happen in prison. In the event a prison staff assaults inmates by anger, prisoners can attack the staff and inmates could escape.


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