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The police force in the world will change significantly in the 21st century; the need of the police to meet the expectations of the public will spearhead these changes. Therefore, many governments of the world are spearheading changes in the police forces, and there are amendments in the laws that govern the police, so as to comply with humanistic and professional expectations of this force (Chambliss, 2011).

In the 21st century the police force will increase its training so as to deal with the issues of terrorism effectively. Terrorist attacks in many parts of the world have increased, and the police force must be well equipped in order to combat this problem. The police will be expected to deal with issues of terrorism without causing unnecessary panic to the public, and this will be a big step for the police department. The police force will also be at the forefront in upholding human rights in the world. In many parts of the world, the police force has been said to be the group that bleaches laws on human rights (Orthmann, 2008). However, in the 21st century, the police will be taught the importance of upholding human rights to the authenticity of the force; the police should protect rather than bleach issues of human rights.

In order to deal with these changes, the police will undergo in-training courses, so as to encourage healthy interactions within the community. The police will also be expected to undergo special training where they will learn to deal with the issues of terrorism effectively. The force will also equip its members with some indispensable information and skills to handle the public in a dignified manner to be able to uphold their human rights and dignity. This will ensure that the police force adheres to the anticipated changes in the 21st century and that these changes will improve the police force.


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