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Free «Court System» Essay Sample

Concurrent jurisdiction occurs where more than two courts from different systems have jurisdiction over a particular matter. In cases where both states and federal courts have jurisdiction over a particular case one may select the court which is more favorable. Obtaining discovery for a litigant in federal court is much easier process which could take days whereas in a state court it could take a year. Currently federal courts assign cases to a single judge hence increasing speed and efficiency. Moreover, federal judges have reporting requirements which compel them to move cases faster. Federal courts also draw their jurors from a wide area as opposed to the state courts. On the other hand, sentencing at federal court level is stiffer and less flexible than that of state courts. Sentences at federal level tend to be much higher and longer than those of similar crimes charged in state courts. Over turning state court decisions is much easier done when done within the state court because federal judges are less inclined to overturning state court decisions. The expenses incurred in state court cases are much cheaper than those incurred in federal court because attorneys are more specialized and cases are of greater value. These are some of the factors considered by lawyers and clients when choosing a court that will give a favorable outcome.


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