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Free «Cyber Security Research» Essay Sample

Cloud computing is the use of software’s and hardware’s over a network e.g. internet. It hands over remote services that have the data of the user, the software and computation. Airange is an example of a service provider that offers cloud computing services (Edward, 2006). Airange could maintain a better authentication system for its clients by use of passwords that may help in its authentication. The passwords help in verification of clients. Airange can ensure that a client’s data is kept confidential and protected from other clients who can or have access the same data by using I-KEEP to store data. The type of assurances that a client would get from Airange that the security of the software components and utilities provided would be consistently maintained is by effective use of protection mechanisms (Module 9).

Medical imaging can keep away other subscribers from accessing their data by encrypting their data. This means that medical imaging should encrypt data while in motion or at rest in the cloud. Data that has been encrypted cannot be viewed unless one has a password or key that opens up that document (James, 2011). The best way that medical imaging would use to manage images that are split across multiple third-party ISPs is by use of passwords or a key that will allow the third parties to access the images. This means that the third party does not access the images without a key. The third parties will have to acquire the key from MI. The use of passwords or a key is the best way through which MI can manage split images (UMUC, 2011).


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