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Free «Cyber Security Vulnerabilities» Essay Sample

Cyber security is an everyday challenge that faces the world of technology. New threats facing our cyber security emerge on a daily basis. This makes our cyber security vulnerable. The threats present themselves in form of attackers who hack into systems and steal data or information regarding people or something. An example can be seen when attackers hack into the computer system of a company that supplies energy and power. The hackers will then go ahead to access data on the price of electricity and will then go ahead and manipulate these prices to their advantage. Cyber security vulnerability can be both external and internal. Internal cyber attacks are known as insider threat. Insider threat is a malevolent peril to an institute or company that originates from people who are members of the organization e.g. employees, ex-employees or business acquaintances who have some internal information regarding the company’s data, computer systems and security (Matt, 2003).

Insider threat normally comprises hackers or crackers who gains access to the systems of the organization through some malicious methods with an intention of harming the organization or obtaining something from the organization. The hacker first gets some access to the company’s network. This helps him or her to know which areas are most susceptible and where he can cause more harm without using a lot of effort. He or she then builds a workstation from where he or she is able to carry out the reprehensible activity. Lastly, real disparaging activity takes place. The damage that can be caused through an insider threat can include introduction of viruses, Trojan horses, theft of information or money, changing of data in order to cause an inconvenience, stealing of personal identity that belongs to some other members of the organization and lastly, the hacker can introduce worms to the systems of the organization (Nick, 2012).



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External threats are in most cases not as severe as internal threats. They are however, dangerous and can lead to lose of data. External threats have become a common and daily challenge to the defense department of the United States of America. The attacks are mainly from other countries who want to steal classified information on security matters. Cyber security vulnerabilities often reduce the information guarantee in a system. In cyber security vulnerability, three elements are intersected. The three elements are: a system’s propensity, the hacker then gets an access to the susceptibility and the last element is the capability of the hacker to take advantage of the susceptibility. Vulnerability is also known as attack surface. The hacker should have an applicable tool that can be able to identify and connect to the weakness of a system (Nick, 2012).

What causes these vulnerabilities? There are various factors that contribute to security vulnerabilities. An organization or company may have used weak passwords that are easy to hack and access. Using weak security protocols also increases vulnerability to cyber security. Organizations or companies that do not encrypt data are also targets of attacks from hackers. Vulnerability is when a website contains dangerous spyware that has been installed in the computer system. The harmful adware then infects the computer’s system which leads to lose of data. Organizations that allow access to their computer systems without assuring user input safety are at high risk of losing data to third parties or potential hackers. Any device that has been connected to a business network be it a phone that is smart phones, thermostat and even tenuously scrutinized substations can lead to cyber security vulnerabilities that are harmful and dangerous. In order to have a clear understanding of the vulnerabilities that are usually present in computer systems, one should be able to have a technical knowhow of the kind of communications and maneuvers that are associated with the control of the system. One should also be able to know how hackers and other attackers are being able to use the system vulnerabilities to their own gain (Matt, 2003).

One of the cyber security vulnerability when running a company is viewing management reports exported Excel files. These files may contain crucial information regarding the management of an organization. The management files may contain information on management metrics. It may also contain data that expose the security of the organization. These data may be viewed by administrators and specialists who should not view them. The viewed data may lead to the administrators and specialists compromising the organization. It may also lead to the administrators and specialists exposing weaknesses of the management of the organization (Nick, 2012).

Federal and State Government reports in house payroll validations may also be vulnerable to both external and internal attacks. Attackers may gain access to information on house payrolls. This may lead to manipulation of data on house payrolls. The attackers may also upset the prices in supply and demand when it comes to house payrolls. Information on house payrolls is meant to be discrete and should not be available for public scrutiny. Attackers may gain this information and expose individual’s house pay rolls which are a violation of one’s rights and secrecy (Matt, 2003).

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Our cyber securities are always vulnerable on a daily basis. Threats keep on emerging as attackers or hackers keep attacking our computer systems. Data is lost everyday a system is attacked. Most organizations and companies have come up with strategies that seek to counter these attacks. Insider threats are the greatest threat to cyber security. Exported Excel Management files when attacked can lead to lose of data and confidentiality. Cyber security is most vulnerable when they do not protect themselves from both external and internal attacks.


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