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Free «Dealing with the Issues Concerning the Growth of Rate of Incarcerated Youth Offenders» Essay Sample


Crime has been a growing dilemma that human individuals have has had to deal with ever since the aftermath of the Second World War. It could not be denied that this even in the human society provided so much of the major indicative forces that are greatly involved in making a great contribution to why crime rates grow every year. As observed, crime rate increase has different particular cause that identifies its uniqueness separate from other problems that the society has to deal with at present (Shelton, 2002, 87). Boldly, researchers claim that crime rates and the reasons behind it come from the different underlying issues in life that human individuals need to deal with. Not only that, the age rate of the individuals committing crime lowers down every three years which could be observed to me among the most shocking truths about the implicative references that refer to the said topic on crime rate increase. (Harris, 1984. 56)

Within the context of the discussion that follows, a research proposal on studying the issue of crime specifically directed to noting the increase of the number of young offenders shall be introduced. This documentation aims to present the different matters that are considered important when it comes to the need of proving several assumptions that have been already made by other researchers in the same field of concern. Within this paper, it shall be shown why and how the entire study shall be handled by the author and how research skills and practical intellect shall be used in completing this writing and study task.



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Why the Need to Learn About Young Offenders and the Law Protecting Them

As mentioned earlier, crime rate are undeniably increasing every year. Much worse than that report is the fact that the number of the younger generations committing crime raises in rate as well; an implicative fact that suggests that the problems contributing to the capability of the young ones to commit crimes have also taken a serious leap from simply being particularly noted issues of youth to becoming a worldwide dilemma for the societies around the globe. Hence, dependent on this truth, this study is a timely discussion that aims to address one of the most important issues that humans ought to deal with through an immediate response. Considerably, it could be observed that there are numerous matters that are concerned in this discussion. In accordance with this, it could not be denied that the involvement of the Young Offenders Act of Canada could be better referenced for the sake of better assessment of the situation concerned. Practically, it could be noted that the different mandates of the said act shall be better presented in this research as part of the most important facets of showing how young offenders are both protected and reprimanded for what unlawful matters they have probably incurred in the past. This particular phase of the research provides a more definite understanding on how important this study is when it comes to practical application in becoming more implicative in leading young offenders with the procedures of recovery that they need to receive.

The scope of the study is broad and the generalization of the issues might actually make the study less focused on one particular aspect of the issue. As observed, there are different sub-issues related to the problem being discussed. One is that of the upbringing that youths today are receiving from their parents; another is the growth and indicative forces of peer and environmental pressure. Some other topics that could be considered is that of the mental and emotional growth of the young generation which involves both family status and that of the

The focus on the reasons behind juvenile delinquency and the consideration placed on how the young ones are treated after they have committed the crimes limits this study to the chain of cause-effect-response system. Several issues such as the underlying growth issues among young offenders may not be well elaborated within the context of this documentation as it may lead the research off track. The study does not involve part-by-part discussion on the different reasons behind the occurrence of crimes among the youths. To make the research more directive, this study shall show a mirror on things that could be done before and after a young individual commits a crime. Involving the different parts of the society especially that of the families of the young offenders, this research is much focused on the solution to the problem that could be garnered much easily and effectively through identifying what caused the said dilemma in the first place.

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Understanding the Causes and Effects Behind the Occurrence of Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is a serious matter of concern for law enforces at present. It could not be denied that among the top five priorities of the law enforcers in Canada, dealing with juvenile delinquents or young offenders comes in at least the third position. This means that the entire process of consideration given to issues concerning this matter creates a more definite indication on how treatments for young offenders are applied and why these treatments have been chosen to give the young ones the attention that they require to recover from what they have done and at least redeem themselves from whatever reputation they have established among others who knew of the crime that they may have committed.

One particular helpful read is that of Clifford Shaw’sThe name assigned to the document by the author. This field may also contain sub-titles, series names, and report numbers.Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas (2001) which is a compilation of cases that identifies the connection of the urbanization of some areas and how this particular progress in the said places affects the developments that the young individuals are undergoing as part of their growth needs (45). Another journal to consider is that of Rolf Loeber’s The name assigned to the document by the author. This field may also contain sub-titles, series names, and report numbers.Child Delinquency: Early Intervention and Prevention (2002) which was published in the Child Delinquency Bulletin Series release during the second volume of distribution of year 2002. Basically, this reading provides an insight on the need by which juvenile delinquency or the growth of the rate of youth offenders could still be controlled through proper child rearing (34). Yes, this reading points out on the responsibility of the parents to guide their children early on and not neglecting their need for time and attention that could only be provided by the parents themselves and not other child caregivers who are usually left in the house or in a play area attending to their children while they go out pushing themselves to work very hard for material pursuits.

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Supporting this document is that of Travis HIrschi’s Age and the Explanation of Crime. This reading further aimed to increase the understanding of the readers towards the fact that the capability of the child to commit crime comes from the age of his growth and understanding of the different systems of living that he needs to deal with as he grows towards maturity (89). It is also considered within this reading that the denial of proper parental guidance among these youths pushes through with the increased crime tolerance that the youths have towards committing something that they know are unlawful.

Meanwhile, Deborah Shelton’s Emotional Disorders in Young Offenders discusses most of the emotional burdens that the young offenders carry which push them to making particular moves that are usually indicated as something much worse than simply being neglected when it comes to the time that they need from their parents (44). Through this reading, showing how the pressures of living in a world of cruelty affect the views of the young ones towards violence and chaos is better identified. Believably, it could be observed that the entire operation of cause-and-effect discussion has been entirely hosted through this study that indicates the importance of knowing the reasons behind the actual situations happening just so to be able to handle the problems occurring in accordance with these issue being dealt with.

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On the part of providing the best care and best attention that youth offenders need once they have already committed the crimes are better supported through the writings of Prathiba Chitsabesan [Mental health needs of young offenders in custody and in the community] and Craig Dowden [What works in young offender treatment: A meta-analysis] respectively. These reading materials provide a proper vision as to what and how the different situations of the juvenile delinquents are given the proper sense of attention through the help of government agencies as well as that of the effort of the community to provide the support and the cooperation that the government needs to be able to deal with the said issue among the young generations pertaining to the topic being tackled (Dowden, 45). Meanwhile,  the Young Offenders Act Manual by Harris (1984); the Young Offenders Service by Bala (1984); and the Young Offender Information Sharing Protocol by the Alberta Education (1996) provides a lawful background on the different Canadian jurisdictions that are carried into consideration when dealing with the most serious cases of juvenile delinquency. Primarily, these readings intend to create a better source of understanding for young offenders and their relatives of the possible provisions that the government could provide them in support to the need of helping them redeem themselves from what they may have possibly done.

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The Importance of Recognizing the Rights of Young Offenders

Young as they are, juvenile delinquents are noted to have some noticeable confusing behavior when it comes to seeing how they deal with the most serious issues of their personal development. Practically, it should be kept in mind that these young individuals are in the middle of their growth period; and undergoing this stage involves different issues that are connected with the most important matters involving the treatment of the different causes of young ones losing their control and making undesirable decisions that subjects them to several criminal offences. (Beta, 1984, 43B)

Being able to deal with their problems in the first place could give the human society a chance to lower the rate of crime being incurred every year and at the same time gain practical control as to how these young children are being given the chance to grow towards maturity in a proper way. However, as repeatedly claimed, young offenders and their proper growth depends on the cooperation applied by the community as a whole. Starting with the families of this young generation, the indicative process of making a good sense of what basically needs to be treated among the young ones could start right within their homes (Loeber, 2002, 89). Communities could form particular programs that are designed to become the primary guidance of the young individuals; these small programs could help the young generation focus on more important things in their lives and be guided well towards proper growth even though it might be impossible for some young ones to get the guidance that they need from their families and relatives; yes, success in this campaign depends on total community cooperation.

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The study of criminology implies a greater scope of understanding as to how crimes occur and why they happen. Indicating how the different phases of crime are treated accordingly through the lawful guidance established by the governments identify the perfect definition of what a controlled society is all about. Through this research, it is proposed that these elements of criminology study be imposed in identifying the different factors contributing to the growth of rate that pertain to the younger generation of the human communities around the globe having the perfect capability of committing crimes at such an early age.


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