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Free «Beowulf» Essay Sample

These sections in the Beowulf poem makes the poem complete with the inclusion of the artistics aspects like the parallel structure and the themes. In the Beowulf poem, the Scyld Sceafing story which is prononounced commonly as the Shield shefing does echo the Beowulf story which highlight motif the innocent kid that emerges to be consequently a great king that arrives from the sea on his way from the Danish land in same way he did arrive Beowulf. In the whole poem of Beowulf, any is capable of looking at the pronounced the parallel structures in the poem and even the similarities. The oral poetry beauty is depicted through the repetition of Motifs that do poise the repertoire of some of the motifs that in most of the poems do emerge in vast dimensions and thus aid toward the exploroing of the relation between the poem and the artistic piece thus fulfillment of the poetic features. Thematically, this piece does not explore the questions that are in regard to the religion. In the whole poem, the religious references have been taken in regard to the old testament bible part for instance the floods that occurred during the bdays of Noah including the Cain and Abel who are taken as their fore father despite the lack of knowledge pon the clear cultural affiuliation of the Danes. The author of the poem is much aware of the biblical guidelines unlike the Danes who are not aware of anything biblical. Nevertheless, they appear to belong to a monotheistic people, in that they do talk about both the fate and the Dryten, and the Lord. Also the backsliding as depicted in this poem is supposedly meant to bring out the disparity of a community and the mysterious influences of the that are brought about by Grendel and its effect on them. This puts some meaning on the Christian or rather religious understanding from the reading of the poem particularly when he fails to come across the sea that has a significance to the community as it saved them, this has always given them a confirmation where as their belief is in the Lord.


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