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The poem “Tell All the Truth” by Emily Dickinson brings an interesting perspective into light regarding personal revelation. Indeed, the truth affects people in different ways, and this primarily depends on how the message is perceived by the recipient. After reading carefully the lines of the poem “Tell All the Truth”, I immediately get the feeling that someone has not been told the true facts regarding a particular event, or has been kept in the dark about a secret that he ought to have known a long time ago.

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If only I get an inspiration, I will write a poem in order to reveal the innocence of the recipient to whom the truth is being told. Hence, it is always important for one to understand how the information may affect the recipient before telling anything. As for me, I would write the poem with an aim of convincing people who have a tendency of telling the blunt truth and considering alternative ways of revealing the information. In a society where transparency is highly valued as a parameter to measure one’s commitment to good deeds, telling the truth is treated as morally uplifting feature in one’s character. However, people seem to forget about the repercussions that may arise from a single event.

Finally, if I am prompted to write the poem, it will be aimed at protecting the recipient from the information which can lead to the emotional breakdown. Emily Dickinson (2003) remarks, that the truth may be too bright for our infirm delight. It means that although someone may highly anticipate the information presented the impact which may result from the influence of this information is very often overlooked. Therefore, any information should be released with caution in order to protect individuals from suffering. 

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