Free «Use of Literary Symbolism in the Rocking Horse Winner» Essay Sample

The rocking horse symbolizes Paul’s desire for his mother’s love and luck. He rode on the horse so as to bring luck to the family since her mother told her that their family is unlucky and that luck is what causes one to have money. Rocking horse is also a symbol the desire for fortune and money. Paul rides on the rocking horse in order to be able to predict the next winner; he makes a bet which earned him five thousand pounds that was to be given to her mother as a present for her mother’s birthday a pound every year for five years. The rocking horse in itself is a Childs toy but Paul uses it for self delight, this symbolizes that even the young are not immune to sin. He rides on it to predict the winner and makes a bet with money, that is gambling and it is a sin in itself and it is what led Paul’s family into ruins. The rocking horse also symbolizes Paul’s sexuality. He always rode on the horse when he was alone which suggests that he attains the winning identity after reaching masturbation climax. The issue of sexuality is evident when her mum stands outside the door and hears a heavy soft noise and she confessed that she knew that noise, implying that she was aware of the pleasure his son was attaining from the masturbation.

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The house represents a depressing mood showing that the Family is unhappy. The house whispers ‘need more money’ this is an indication of the financial troubles that the family is undergoing. The financial troubles’ are evident since the five thousand pounds Paul gave her mother were used to pay her mum’s debt, her mum is also in a fix because the kids are growing and they need money for school. The house also symbolizes the family’s relationship which appeared happy on the outside but on the inside it wasn’t, the mother tells Paul that before she was married she had luck but by marrying an unlucky man she became unlucky, this is an indication of how unhappy she is with her marriage and also he tells Paul that they are the poorest of the family since his father is unlucky. Hester had no love for her children they were bony and she felt that they had been thrust upon her, the presence of her children made her hearts center feel hard.

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Hester, Paul’s mother represents selfishness and greed. Her mother’s greed for money makes Paul to ride on the rocking horse so as to make a bet in order to please her mum and settle the financial need in the house, due to this greed Paul gets mad and dies. Hester is selfish since she manages to go out to party but she can’t feed her kids properly as we are told they were bonny. Hester is only obsessed with material wealth status. Greed is more evidence since even after Paul giving her mum the money the voices in the houses became more louder than before. Hester’s attitude led his son to gambling, since her definition of luck to the young kid gave an impression that neither determination nor hard work could lead to a good life.

The whispers in the house are a symbol of the family trying to stay in an upper class. It is partly caused by Paul’s mother as she says ‘we are the poor members of the family’ .The whispers are as a result for the desire to have more money so as to keep up with the high stature they have assumed.

Paul’s eyes which are said to be blue as stone. Blue is often used to represent purity, innocence and youth. Paul’s eyes are described to as giving a glare in an uncanny way. This reference by the author on Paul’s eyes is a symbol of how the young can be lured to sin by material things in quest of something in this case Paul was in quest of his mother’s love and approval.

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