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Free «Opiates Effects» Essay Sample

Opium poppy is bad, because it has many side effects when used in excess and may also lead to dependency. It negatively affects the body through such effects as sweating, aching of muscles, insomnia, and anxiety. Additionally, it may lead to sexual problems such as infertility. Finally, continued use may cause weight loss.

The first anti-drug law in America was the 1875 San Francisco rule. It outlawed opium smoking in dens. Economically, it is remarkably clear that tycoons, especially Chinese men, used to get a lot of money from this business. However, due to the drug’s easy accessibility, it was banned as it had many health implications. In 1888, the law was amended to impose restrictions on smoking hence forcing the Chinese out of the opium business (Schaffer Library of Drug policy, 2012).

There are many factors that increased the use of opiates in the 19th century. In Britain, for instance, opium was one of the main household products. It was particularly used in treating epidemics such as malaria, cholera diarrhea, and fever that affected the country at large. On the other hand, opium eased depression and increased children’s appetites. Lastly, due to its poisonous properties, it was used as an intoxicant (Freye, 2009).



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Approximately three months after planting the poppy seeds, brightly colored flowers start to blossom at the tips of the tubular stems. When the petals fall away, an egg-shaped pod of seeds is exposed. The pod contains a milky sap that is opaque. This sap is extracted by cutting the pod vertically. When the sap is oozing out, it becomes thicker and darker. Later, it forms a black gum that is brownish. The opium is combined with lime in boiled water, in the refinery, forming morphine forms on the surface. Morphine is then rewarmed with ammonia, sieved, and boiled until it forms a brown paste. Eventually, it is dried and, at this point, it is ready for advanced processing to obtain heroin (Frontline, 2012).

Heroin can be smoked, snorted, or injected. Injecting is one of the fastest and the most efficient ways of getting it to the brain compared to any other method. In the brain, heroin is converted to morphine. Many people are influenced by peer groups to use heroin in social gatherings (Hays, 2011).

The U.S. government prohibited federal ban on drugs so that it could prevent their consumption. This was by regulating their manufacture and sales. Concerning the Harrison Narcotic Act, some talks were held to institute the legislation of morality hazards. The act was put into place to attain a moral end. Since the enactment of this Act, the enforcement of drug laws and policies has not faced serious challenges (Terry, 1915).

Opiates get people high by smoking, sniffing or injecting. Endorphins are “chemicals that move from one neuron to the other in signals” (Goldberg, 2009). They are produced as responses to definite stimuli particularly stress, pain or fear. They mainly originate in different body parts especially the nervous system and brain and network with cell receptors used in blocking pain in the brain (Goldberg, 2009).

In the Trainspotting video, heroin usage has not been glorified. Even though it has been described as dirty, a film like Trainspotting should present more information about drugs to show the real picture. The film has not made drugs more appealing even though other people say that. According to this film, the lifestyle of heroin users is primarily based on choices made (Trainspotting, 1996).

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Available data indicate that heroin usage has increased in the past years. The most affected population is young people who smoke and sniff it. The majority of these young people do not inject heroin. Some other indicators have shown that the rise in heroin use is among adolescents living in small metropolitans (Isralowitz, 2002).

The first step of making opium tea is grinding the seeds using either a coffee grinder or a blender. After removing the stem, an individual should pour in the seeds and blend them. The next step is brewing the blended seeds using a coffee maker. Water should be added in the coffee maker to make the brew ready for drinking. Consumption of poppy tea is legal (Freye, 2009).


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